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  • Material Solid Wood

Short Description

* Material: Tropical Fruit Wood
* Top Material: Tropical Fruit Wood
* Top Finish: Chestnut
* Finish: Lacquered
* Color: Chestnut
* Edling Wall Shelf Height: 8 inches (20 cm), Length: 22 inches (55 cm), Width: 7 inches (18 cm)
* Delivery Condition: Assembled
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Edling Wall Shelf)


Inspired from charming traditional style designs, this wall shelf is crafted to perfection to lend a unique touch to interiors. This wall shelf is a wonderful combination of finesse and functionality and flaunts elaborate carved accents.

This solid wood shelf offers ample storage space on the top and also has a small hatch. The curved contours of the shelf are perfectly highlighted by the glossy finish. The carved leaf motifs enhance the visual appeal by several notches.

Salient features:

*Crafted to perfection
*Carved leaf motifs
*Charming traditional style design