King Koil Gravity King Mattress White

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Short Description

* Material: Memory Foam
* Color: White
* Style: Contemporary
* Comfort Type: Semi Soft
* Z-Cat: Premium
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Mattress)
* Available In: 2 Sizes
* King (84 X 72 X 6) inches
* King (84 X 72 X 8) inches
* Offer Freebie: Spaces Courtyard Bedsheet + Bath Carnival (Set Of 6 Towels + King Koil Mattress Protector (Mattpro Plus Total Worth 9400))
* Freebie Color May Vary from Image.


The gravity bedroom mattress comes in a unique soft fur fabric color in space grey & ice white. it comes with high resilience foam as the core, the mattress is layered with high density memory foam topped with super soft fur-fabric.