Skipper Eyelet Contemporary Pink And Purple Curtain

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Short Description

* Material: 70% Polyester 30% Cotton
* Color: Pink & Purple
* Eyelet Material: Plastic
* Pattern: Contemporary
* Curtain Hanging: Eyelet
* Window Curtain Length: 60 inches (150 cm), Width: 44 inches (110 cm)
* Door Curtain Length: 84 inches (210 cm), Width: 44 inches (110 cm)
* Long Door Curtain Length: 96 inches (240 cm), Width: 44 inches (110 cm)
* Extra Long Door Curtain Length: 108 inches (270 cm), Width: 44 inches (110 cm)
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Curtain)
* Available In: 4 Variations (Window Curtain, Door Curtain, Long Door Curtain & Extra Long Door Curtain)


People often miss out on some genuinely attractive home accessories and decor items. This eyelet curtain from Skipper is a must have and comes with a delightful contemporary pattern that complements the purple and pink combination to the hilt! This is crafted from cotton and polyester.