"I had purchases the Vanya study table from FabFurnish.com a couple of months back. Such a lovely piece! Sturdy, compact, easy to clean and fits in wonderfully with the rest of my decor. What I personally like about them is that the accompanying photographs for every piece of furniture on their website gives you a complete picture of what the piece will look like. Therefore there is minimal mismatch in expectations when you receive the product. I look forward to shopping with FabFurnish.com!"

Aishwarya Mahesh bought a Study Table

"I'm happy with the products I bought from FabFurnish.com. The cushion covers look fabulous and match with the wall colors of my room, brightening it."

Swarupa Yenganti bought a Cushion Covers

"Picked up a Home Republic Kingston shoe stand from FabFurnish.com and got rid of my shoe storage problem..!! 42 pairs of shoes in one stand is no less than a dream come true and gives me an excuse to relive my love for shoe shopping as there's always space for more. Couldn't resist and bought one for my mom the very next day. Thank you :-D "

Isha Bhalla bought a Home Republic Kingston Shoe Stand

"I was very happy to see my dining table which was delivered by FabFurnish.com. I got a very good offer of 33% discount. The finishing work of the table is really good. After assembling the table, the look was very nice. I am glad I got the best offer and I would be glad to refer it to my friends to shop at FabFurnish.com. Loved shopping at FabFurnish.com."

Manpreet Kohli bought a Dining Table

"I was looking for a good quality laptop table for a long time, and I finally found some really good options on FabFurnish.com. I compared them with other online sites but none of the other sites were as good as the ones on FabFurnish.com. So I finally placed the order and it got delivered within two days. Superb product and at a very good price. Now enjoying working on laptop even more with this new table, all thanks to FabFurnish.com"

Vedprakash Singh bought a Laptop Table

"Thanks a lot to fab furnish for delivering this product on the very next day of the order. This is the only product in the market which will hold all the shoes we have. Well designed and very easy to install. Me and my husband feels this is the best product we have purchased online so far."

Rama bought a Shoe Rack

"Me & my mom recently bought this serving set & cushion covers from FabFurnish.com & we loved our shopping experience."

Divya Gattani bought a Cushion Covers

"A pair of sheer door curtains with a pair of solid door curtains, Fab Home King Bed, floral bed sheet along with the green baby Bonsai in a designer ceramic vase in the right corner, makes our room just perfect and complete. Thanks to FabFurnish.com for making my shopping much easier!"

Priyanka Jade bought Curtains & Bed Sheets

"My first purchase on this website was a cotton bed sheet worth Rs.700 and the delivery was much faster than I expected.
I buy a lot of products from Fab Furnish and proudly suggest it to my friends who love shopping in Fab Furnish and are now its elite members.In the last 3 weeks I have ordered three more bed sheets."

Preety Khatri bought a Cotton Bed Sheet

"I had searched through all home furnishing shops in Navi Mumbai and had browsed through few online websites. Finally I found my dream decorative items at FabFurnish and that too at an affordable price. Loved the quality of these mirror wall stickers & curtain strings and the super-fast delivery. My hubby says, "Mirror Mirror on the wall, FabFurnish wall stickers look the best of all!"

Krishna Maharana bought a Mirror Wall Stickers & Curtain Strings

"I've had a wonderful experience shopping numerous products from FabFurnish.com. Every time I ordered a product, I was thrilled to receive it because of the good quality. Thank you FabFurnish!"

Seema Mohta

"I've had a great experience shopping from FabFurnish.com. Love the product quality!"

Gunisha Mishra

"I ordered this carpet from FabFurnish.com and it got delivered before time, with excellent packing. It looked same as described on the site. FabFurnish has the best price and variety among all other online stores. I'm very satisfied and would love to shop again!"

Amol Pathak - bought a Carpet

"FabFurnish is the best thing that has happened to my home. It started with a set of towels and quite a few bed sheets. The quality was impressive! Then I ordered a set of plain cushion covers to paint them. Impressed by the stitching and piping, I placed a bulk order. My recent purchase has been a set of curtains and a pair of side tables. The quality of products is excellent and so is the service. It seems I can't do without FabFurnish. It has become a routine for me visiting the site."

Avneet Sidhu - bought Cushions Covers, Side Table & Curtains

"My shopping story is different yet really interesting:
Me and my mother-in-law are completely in love with this bed sheet that I ordered from FabFurnish.com. We like it so much that it got us into a tiff and we finally decided to buy the same piece for her room as well. And now, we both love to flaunt it!"

Yogita Nautiyal- bought a Bed Sheet

"Thanku for your wonderful service,beautiful and fabulous furniture,that made my hut worth spending the leisure hours of my day. I had always thought of building a hut like this. But couldn't make one because of unskilled labour here. When I came to know about you, I was amazed as you had furntiure that suits my taste.I am going to build many more huts, cottages,gardnes etc in near future and I expect you will turn my imagination into reality with your fabulous work."

Ravi Amrani,Raipur - bought an Uno Kemal Wall Shelf

"I am delighted to receive my furniture. I have never had such a wonderful experience with any other website. Please maintain your high standards. Best of luck!"

KNS Narayan - bought a Fab Home Orchids Sofa Set

28th Apr 2013

"This carpet gave our living room a complete look. Purchased it for a reasonable price & no doubt of the quality."

Fathima Zameer - bought a Carpet

"Bought this F1 car-shaped bed for my kid - it's amazing! I did not know that such product exists in Indian market till I came across FabFurnish.com I think it is every kid's dream furniture.Good shopping experience, great packaging, delivered in 2 days.I managed to assemble the furniture on my own as the instruction and process to assemble was very simple."

Ashish Thapliyal - bought a F1 Car Shaped Bed

"A heartfelt thanks from a newly married girl for helping her make a home out of her house.
From the amazing wall clock to the lovely bed sheets that brighten up my house, from the kitchen to the bathrooms you can see glimpses FF in every lil corner of the house.
The clock is the highlight of my living room and it shouts out what my home is all about.. Love. The FF bedsheets always make my room look bright and clean. The lamp has been the highlight of our evening parties.. It is perfect to just set the right mood for dinner & conversations. The shoe rack it is a great way of arranging all my shoes at one place and making my decision of what to wear in the morning more easier. The bath mats have completely changed the look of my bathroom. I love it every morning when I step out of the shower and put my feet on it. The salt & pepper shaker is the cutest thing on my dining table apart from being useful. All this is only a small proof of how F&F has made my home beautiful, there are so many more things both small & big which contribute in their own special way. Thank you FabFurnish team for their amazing products and keep up your good work. "

Avneet Bhatia - bought Wall Clock, Bed Sheets, Shoe Rack, Bath Mats & salt & pepper shaker

"I am happy to say that FabFurnish.com is my first online shopping website. :) Actually I am a person who won't trust online shopping, but after seeing the reviews and products of FabFurnish.com, I thought of giving it a try.
I purchased a laptop table, which is my first product from this site. It was really nice and very useful. The quality and price are best as promised, and the delivery time was much before than the assured delivery date. Most importantly, the customer care support was excellent.
My friends used to shop online, but they used to complain that some websites won't even respond after bill payment. But FabFurnish.com is not of that kind. They will respond promptly always, both to mails and calls.
Later on, I started purchasing many products from FabFurnish.com and I will continue that. I strongly recommend this site to all my friends and relatives.

Thanks FabFurnish.com, you are superb :)"

Pallavi Paidi - bought a Laptop table

"My wonderful experience from FabFurnish.com ensured that if I want to buy household items online, or if I need to recommend a site to others, FabFurnish would be my go-to site.
One of my very first purchases was of a mirror finish clock. A simple one, with butterfly shapes coming out of it. When it arrived with the floor mats and magnets I had ordered with it (all of which are awesome and in constant use, I may add) it had a small crack on the main clock-face.
I contacted customer care to check if I could get it replaced, and was informed that the item had gone out of stock. So, I was planning to return or exchange it, but customer care sent me a voucher for more than the price of the clock! When I mentioned it, they said it was their way of apologizing. I also offered to return the clock when my next purchase came in, but I was informed that this would not be required.
I was amazed at the way this situation was handled. My first purchase had the potential to become a negative experience, but instead it reaffirmed my choice to buy from FabFurnish.com anytime I was buying online.
I later bought a beautiful dinner set when I used the voucher.
Here are the pictures of the clock and the magnet, that I purchased at the same time (which got me a month of constant appreciation from my husband) and items from the dinner set which has served in many happy house parties.

Thank you FabFurnish.com for so many lovely moments!"

Gauri Sarda Joshi - bought Clock, Magnet & Dinner Set

"We recently moved to our new home and the first thing we were actually looking for was a perfect home for our deities. Interestingly, we stumbled upon the "Fab Home Glasgow Kitchen Cabinet" and took a bold decision on making that truly a "Fab Worship Home". That worked well. We received the product in just 2 days & the product packaging was perfect. The quality of the cabinet is very good.
Thanks for a nice product!"

Rohit Halbe - bought Glasgow Kitchen Cabinet

"I recently purchased this shoe rack from FabFurnish.com & I like it!"

Vivek Sodha - bought a Shoe Rack

"I bought this table as a gift for my hubby on this Valentine's. He's a tech freak and very much attached to his laptop. The moment he explored the gift, the smile on his face was priceless. Thank you FabFurnish.com for making it hassle free. :-)"

Parul Tripathi - bought a Laptop Table

"I get a monthly allowance from my husband for online shopping! Weather I need something or not, I always end up browsing the web and my first choice is always FabFurnish.com for you always find innovative yet aesthetic stuff there. From kitchenware, bar accessories to linen and storage, I have them all! The last time I logged on (last week!) was to look for some small storage box and I ended up buying the whole range of Home Republic storage solutions! Not only this, the best part of FabFurnish.com is that you guys are equally customer centric. As a customer, I am least worried about the outcomes of cases where I'm not satisfied, for I can be rest assured that my queries and complaints will be handled with utmost professionalism keeping my satisfaction as the priority. As a customer, I have had both good and bad experience with respect to product quality but my experience in whole with FabFurnish.com had always been a pleasant one. I come back each time because of your innovative collection and most importantly because of the trust you guys have been able to instill in me. I have full faith that my effort and money invested in shopping with you guys will not go waste!"

Ruchika Bajaj Malik - bought a Storage Box

"For long time we had been looking for a double seater sofa for our living space, We visited multiple shops but could not find the right one for us. We needed a sofa made of solid wood and has horizontal planks that match with our interiors, and finally after an year and half years of search we found our perfect sofa. Thank you FabFurnish.com."

Michu, Mishika, Meera and Anzy - bought a Double Seater sofa

" I recently purchased some stuff worth 18k INR from your site. I haven’t even put up the shelves, etc. yet and I'm already loving the decals. As of now, I would say excellent stuff, excellent variety, excellent prices. You totally get what you see and its really worth it! I love FabFurnish.com !"

Jasmine Dudani

"I ordered clock from Fab Furnish . Got it within time and in perfect condition.. Also was exactly same as mentioned on website. Was pretty happy with their service"

Anumegha Bhatnagar - bought a Clock

"Hi, really want to thank your team, its an awesome site which offers an amazing collection, very beautiful collection of things, which also become a visual feast just going through the pages. loved your website also, I feel the interface is again awesome so user friendly. being a mother of a new born this site saves my effort and time of searching stuff....thanx again to your team.."

Shikha Sharma

"I love this beautiful dining set from FabFurnish.com. Had a nice time shopping there with a huge variety and good collection of furniture. The day this product arrived home, I was keen to set it up as soon as possible, to have dinner served on it and enjoy a good family time. Love the color and the design."

Harshala Fernandes bought a dining set .

"We were looking for a big wooden frame mirror in the market for our foyer for weeks but did not find any luck. Finally one day when we are coming back from the market we just saw FabFurnish outlet at ORR. We spotted a very unique wooden frame mirror at the outlet and immediately ordered it. After a week, we receive our order and are very happy with it."

Jitendra and Prachi bought a Wooden Frame Mirror.

"I am really happy with my purchase at FabFurnish.com. The product exceeds my expectations.
Thanks a lot and keep it up!"

Shubhakar Shetty bought a Gramo Phone.

"It was an amazing experience to shop at FabFurnish.com. I was not aware of this site earlier. After I checked the site I was so impressed that I went & booked a Fab Home Isparta Slider Bed With Storage. I got a discount of 20% which I was extremely happy with and to keep my spirits higher, I got a cashback in my credit card too. I loved the entire shopping experience and I have also suggested a couple of friends for the same. Thanks team cheers!!

Priyanka bought a Slider Bed With Storage

"I was in search of wardrobe from a long time, but did not want a heavy one as I live on rent. 2 days ago I saw an ad of FabFurnish.com collapsible wardrobe on Facebook and I just said, "WOW, that's what I want" and within 5 minutes, after selecting the best one for my needs, I placed an order.
I was set to wait for 1 week but I was overwhelmed when the next morning even before I got up, I got the order delivered. WOW. I opened the packing with a little bit confusion on how to assemble it, but inside on a page all steps were given very clearly. Within 20 minutes my wonderful wardrobe was ready and it looked very cool. I told my friends about this and 2 of my friends also ordered at the same time.
Thank you FabFurnish.com"

Deepak Tripathi bought a Collapsible Wardrobe

"This product was my first purchase from FabFurnish.com. When I received the product it was damaged. Later on I was amazed with the response I got from customer care and the product was replaced with no question asked and hence building a huge trust."

Vishal Mohan bought a Photo Frame

"I have set my entire new home with FabFurnish products and I am completely happy and satisfied. I've bought many products, the list is endless. FabFurnish will never let you down as a customer. They will treat you special and will give you special gift coupons and offers which are not for all. My rating for FabFurnish is excellent and I recommend it to all my friends, who also give a good feedback. Thank you FABFURNISH!"


"I love shopping but going to market and buying from people who desperately want to sell kills the joy of shopping. So, I tried shopping online. I liked the packing of the product I ordered from FabFurnsih.com. We liked the product and enjoyed tea the very same day."

JainChemicals Gases bought a Tea Sets

"I had bought Bormioli Rocco Glass set from FabFurnish.com. I have never come across such quality and stylish product at affordable price from any other physical or online store. I am really looking to buy more such trendy items in future."

Subhadip Das bought a Bormioli Rocco Glass Set

"I bought 'olive boat' from Fabfurnish.com. I am very happy with my purchase. My friends and guests even become speechless when I serve them in the platter. It's unique design has turned my dining table no less than those of renowned hotels. Moreover, the quality of the items completely outshines thedinner ware of any other brand."

Subhrajyoti Das bought a Olive Boat

"This kitchen trolley is excellent for small kitchen appliances."

Rajesh Ketkar bought a Kitchen Trolley

"I purchased this outdoor table and chair from FabFurnish (that I used indoors) in my vacation home in Kumaon.
I would like give a 10/10 to FabFurnish.com on the following parameters:
1. Excellent site layout
2. Great reward programs
3. The best delivery that I've seen
4. Decent customer care
5.Good range of furnishing and furniture
Between my friends and family, this is perhaps the only site I recommend the most, and so far, they have been extremely happy with their purchases."

Smita Dhall, bought a Outdoor Table and Chair

"I was looking online for a good entertainment unit when I came across this one on FabFurnish.com. I really like their trendy collection. Thank you FabFurnish!"

Geeta Yadav, bought a Entertainment Unit

"I had ordered this amazing Alfresco Snack Set from FabFurnish. Not only did the product arrive quickly, the packaging was perfect too! It was exactly as described and presented on the website."

Gaurav - bought an Alfresco Snack Set

"Ordered a coffee table at 10:30pm saturday night and @fabfurnishindia delivered it at 4:30pm on Sunday. #impressed #like"

Aseem Sood - bought a Coffee Table

"I liked the combination I made with FSB table lamp, diwan set, wall decal and wooden clock"

"You guys are amazing. Nice products and very nice customer service. Keep doing the good work!"

Ashish Agrawal - bought Table Lamp, Diwan Set and Wall Decal

"I am a major fan of Nigella's Kitchen.I had spotted an awesome egg-holder in one of her programs.For 2 yrs,I kept looking for it but to no avail!! Then I spotted it on FabFurnish one day! I ordered it with HDFC discount facility and Voila! The product was at my doorstep before specified time!
Kudos to a FAB team!
I restored my faith that online shopping in India has come of age! Needless to say,I will be using FabFurnish for my further interior.Work!"

Sushmita Jha, Bangalore - bought an Egg holder

"FabFurnish.com made my Diwali a very special one. I am highly impressed by the service rendered by you. Bought three bed sheets and they all look awesome. You rock!"

Preeta Hareendran - bought Three Bed Sheets

"Thanks FabFurnish.com my living room is shining bright with Regal Verano Sofaset,Cubed Tico Coffee Table,Rocca Premium Shaggy Rug.
Thanku You for bringing such fabulous products to us with cheapeast price..!!!"

Prince Prakash, Bhubaneswar

"My prized possessions from FabFurnish - a sofa set, a coffee table and an entertainment unit that transforms my bachelor pad into a perfect party pad.

Vikram Chopra - bought Sofa set, Coffee table and an Entertainment Unit

"Such a delightful cookie jar! Apart from its eye-catching looks, it's completely air-tight which makes it perfect for storing cookies, biscuits and even cupcakes. A definite buy for those who love baked goodies that taste as though they're freshly out of the oven every single day!"

Sufia Ahmed - bought a Cookie Jar

"My friends really loved this hookah.. :)"

Ankit Khemka - bought a Hookah

"Bought these American Swan cushion covers from FabFurnish.com. They've added a dash of colour to my everyday living. These 100% cotton covers are suited for the rigours of daily use. They are comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain and impart a sense of contemporary chic to my room."

Mousumi Ray - bought an American Swan cushion covers

"This newsprint cushion cover, purchased from FabFurnish.com, has added style and class even to the most casual corners of my house. It is made up of 100% cotton and hence combines a classy look with cool comfort. Its unique colour combination of classic black and white with chic pink makes it gel with a huge palette of colours!"

Mousumi Ray - bought a Newsprint Cushion cover

"I bought this MOM Italy oil dispenser from FabFurnish.com. It's a value for money, and is easy to use, refill and clean.Thanks you FabFurnish for proving 100% original products."

Tariq Mohammed - bought a MOM Italy Oil Dispenser

"This lamp is absolutely fabfantabulously stunning! Thank you so very much FabFurnish."

Agam Prabhakar - bought a Lamp

"I have bought many things from FabFurnish.com over the past year, this is the one product I am particularly happy about. It is a magazine rack that helps me display the photo albums of my travels. The pen stand on it was also bought from FabFurnish.com."

Jayalakshmi Jayaraman - bought a Magazine Rack

"It was very hard to share a plate of snacks, a bottle of water, newspaper or place a coffee or a tea cup without a coffee table. After receiving the coffee table all worries gone as there is more than space to share many things sitting together and enjoying them. Last but not the least thanks FabFurnish.com for the wonderful coffee table in the right time around Christmas. It complements my sofa set and makes the set complete."

Nisith Kumar Nayak - bought a Coffee Table

"I like the carpet I bought from FabFurnish.com."

Suruchi Jain - bought a Carpet

"Got my ultimate dosa tava from the awesomest company I have ever seen.. Thank you guys!! You are fab! You believe in the old adage "Customer Is The King". Bow down to ur customer service. I don't have words to describe how happy I am with your service!!! Love you team. Hats Off. I truly recommend everyone to follow them, buy amazing products from them and I am super sure you won't be disappointed. :)"

Divya Gattani - bought a Dosa Tava

"I bought this wall clock recently as a gift for my parents’ house warming party. I received the parcel well in time & was impressed to see the packaging done. My parents were really pleased to receive the clock which I presented to them saying "This would bring you all the good times". Later everybody was asking where I bought it from? So I am passing on all the appreciation to FabFurnish.com."

Surya Piplani - bought a Wall Clock

"I recently purchased a dining table, a L-shaped sofa and an ottoman. They are all neat and beautiful ..I'm proud of choosing FabFurnish.com"

Pushkar Bist - bought Dining Table, L-shaped Sofa and an Ottoman

"Fabfurnish always delights me. I have been shopping on the site for last few months and every time they go beyond the last experience. I ordered the Aura Buddha lamp yesterday (31st August) and the shipping instruction said it would reach me in 4-6 business days. I called their customer service centre to make a request to deliver it before the 5th of Sept. And guess what, they delivered it in less than 24 hours! This is awesome! i am sure the gift will simply make my finace's day special. Thanks Fabfurnish. You are a wonderful team :)"

S - bought an Aura Buddha lamp

31st Aug 2013

"I want to congratulate fabfurnish for their great service, i ordered a dinner set from your website and it got delivered just in 6 days, and the packing was too good.(it took an hour to take out the product ;) ) Small towns like mine really need websites like fabfurnish.com, great service great product range."

Hoshang Verma - bought a Dinner Set

"Thanks u for the fast delivery of d product ..i am in love wid fab furnish ..I started visiting ur Website daily on priority den FB :P"

Neha Prakash - bought a Trust & Guess Serving Set of Six Orange

"Time to delivery of products is great..hope this will keep continued."

Chandra Shekar - bought an Ethnic Brass Victorian Style Lion Mouth Door Knocker

"thank u for the fantastic end table which i bought.much classier than i expected."

unni menon.k - bought an End Table

"The product was best priced compared to all the e-commerce sites :) Got delivered in span of 2-4 days & was well packed. This was my 1st order placed on FabFurnish.com, hope to order much more & get good deals :)"

Nikunj Desai -bought a Rocca Shower Curtain

"Highly satisfied with perfect packaging and before time delivery"

Dilraj Kaur Bomrah - bought a Corelle Spring Serving Platter

"Thanks for the lovely rug I ordered...it turned out to be exactly what I had visualised....It was tightly packed so I guess it got wrinkled, otherwise very good packing too....thankyou"

Charu - bought a Rug

"Fabfurnish, I am really happy with your service. You are professional, courteous and prompt in your responses. Keep up the good job. I am already highly recommending you to all my friends.. I hope you do roaring business. All the best!"


"I am super impressed by this site, I have stopped going to home shops in malls and do all my shopping here instead. I recently ordered a Corelle Set from FabFurnish, and it got delivered in just 3 days. It was very well packed too... I highly recommend this page to anyone who wants to buy good stuff with the comfort of sitting at home "

Lizanne - bought a Corelle Set

"Product: Eiba Double futon with matress received on 1-03-2013
Having stepped in a new life and new space from 10th Nov 2013 (marriage date), I kept looking around searching for different and unique products. Found a few options online and in physical stores, but they we simply unaffordable.
To our surprise, while surfing online again, we came across this product on FabFurnish.com with awesome offer, and instantly made the purchase. After receiving the product, we are fully satisfied with the finish and quality of the product.
As the site says - "Fabulous Furniture deals on www.fabfurnish.com"

Mayuri Mudhelli bought a Futon with Matress

"I work from home, and spend most of the time on laptop and mobile. I love visiting FabFurnish.com during my breaks and it works as a great stress buster for me.
Just having all home furnishing products at one platform really makes FabFurnish.com all the more interesting.
I recently I ordered a laptop table which is great for my posture and is very comfortable. I got it at the best price on FabFurnish.com
Thank you FabFurnish.com to make me smile n making my breaks between work all the more interesting."

Sanjana Mohan bought a Laptop Table

"I doubt we can find such a stylish variety of products anywhere else other than on FabFurnish.com. Very good collection! Feeling very happy and satisfied after shopping at FabFurnish.com"

Kiran Mayi

"Sharing with you a picture of my recent purchase - the Fab Home Dinar single seater sofa from FabFurnish.com."

Vidur Vohra bought a Single Seater Sofa

"You people are really doing a GREAT JOB. I appreciate the people who designed your site, It is really user friendly. The items that are available on your website are amazing. Even the response from the Customer Service Team is more than satisfactory.
I purchased the Fab Home Laptop Table from your site. Initially, I received a damaged product. I launched complaint with your customer service executives and got the other one in excellent condition. I really thank you for your excellent service. There is no comparison of you people with other online sites.
Keep going on. All The Best."

Vishali Bhonsle bought a Laptop Table

"I have been buying a lot of stuff from FabFurnish.com on a regular basis- cutlery, crockery, linen, curtains etc. I was happy with all the products and especially loved the curtains. For the price, they are a steal. They have this lovely soft, golden gleam which makes them look fabulously expensive and they fall well. I would recommend FabFurnish.com to anyone and have been in fact speaking highly of their excellent products and services to anyone who asks about online shopping. FF, you have a fan in me :) "

Diana Charles bought Cutlery, Crockery, Linen, Curtains

"I have been a regular shopper with FabFurnish for more than 2 years and have had a wonderful experience everytime. The reasonable prices and quality of products make me keep coming back for more.
I sincerely appreciate the efficient delivery of my online purchases. At the same time, the customer care team is quite courteous too. Wishing Fabfurnish many successful years ahead."

AK GOEL bought a Table Lamp & Tea Sets

"At first I thought that red would be too bright for my liking, but the colors of this Ambadi rug turned out to be gorgeous and just the shade I was looking for. It fitted perfectly and adds to the coziness of my small reading room. Thank you for such a beautiful product.
Looking forward to more such exquisite finds at Fab Furnish."

Kriti Jindal bought a Ambadi Rug

"This furniture piece was purchased 3 years back and we have displayed all our miniature curios on it. This is the focal point in our living room. The sheen in the wooden piece still remains and it looks new till now. Thank you FabFurnish!"

Hema Rajaraman

"The bright orange footstools placed on a small shaggy carpet provided the perfect solution to completing the space in my living room and added just the dash of colour to liven up the whole area. Thanks to Fabfurnish for providing such excellent service."

Nirupma Chandra

"We had one of our walls painted in pink and had some butterfly stickers installed on it. When I came across this adorable piece of butterfly clock on Fabfurnish.com, we topped the decoration with this matching work."

Mrs.R.Ramabharathi bought a Butterfly Stickers & Clock

"I ordered this MOM-Italy Mugs Set with Stand from FabFurnish.com. The product is same as described on the website and is of good quality. I received the product within 4 days of placing the order. I love shopping from FabFurnish.com!"

Annu Korah bought a MOM-Italy Mugs Set

"I first became aware of Fabfurnish on Facebook. Being a follower of the Buddhist Chant with a penchant for collecting 'Buddha's, it was little wonder that my very first search on FabFurnish read, 'BUDDHA'! Being my first time, I chose to order one of the smaller ones as a trial. Now, I'm ready for more, much more..."

Dr. Chitra Dorairaj - bought a 'Buddha's Statue

"Winner shoe cabinet sitting pretty at home!"

Souvik Nath - bought a Shoe Cabinet

25 Sep 2013

"I love indoor plants but have no time to take care of them due to my job.So I bought an artifical plant-it looks so natural in the Planters that I purchased from FabFurnish.Every guest who visits my home asks whether it is a real plant and appreciates the planter.It suits very well to my home and enhances the decor.
Thanks FabFurnish!"

Sarala Basavaraju, Hyderabad - bought an Artificial Plant-it

"Love the colors and print of my new amazing looking bed sheet. I think I'll order more soon for Diwali gifts, and will use FabFurnish.com for my interior projects also.
Thank you guys, you save a lot of time!"

Yogita Nautiyal - bought a Bed Sheet

"I'm in love with the simple yet classy design of the 5 seater Oasis Florida Sofa Set. The best part was that I received it the very next day of placing the order. I'm so happy with the service, and the response of the support team, delivery team and the assembly team.
FabFurnish.com, keep up the good work!"

Asma Kapoor - bought a 5 Seater Oasis Florida Sofa Set

"My brother bought furniture for outdoor and my sister bought wallpaper recently from showroom and her experience with fabfurnish is good."

Manish Chopra - bought Furniture and Wallpaper

"Very impressed with packaging of goods which was Glass items in my case.FabFurnish made sure that it reaches to me safely and in one piece. My Shipment kept on hold & delayed due to insufficient documents provided by Logistics department, one area where major improvement is due.I recommend Fab Furnish, and Wish them all the luck."

BN Gupta

"An immediate conversation starter, these monks in repose invest my room with a sense of warmth and calm. The perfection of the statues and their interesting colour combination of jet black and textured greyish-blue exudes a sense of peace and quiet which resonates through the entire atmosphere of my room in which they are placed."

Mousumi Ray - bought Monk Statues

"The Einstein cushion is an absolute favourite with my guests! The quirky quote and goofy Einstein sets the tone for an evening of fun and laughter. I personally like the bright orange, the embossed hearts and of course the light-hearted quote! It also is a huge plus point that its 100% cotton, hence a fun combo of comfort, durability and style!"

Mousumi Ray - bought an Einstein cushion

"It is the best online shopping platform I"ve ever experienced. Thanks to FabFurnish.com for providing hassle free delivery and rich quality products.I"ve now quit shopping from other online stores after shopping from FabFurnish.com"

Tariq Mohammed - bought Kitchen Tools

"I really like all the products I bought from FabFurnish.com. Thanks a lot!"

Vivek Sachdeva

"We were looking for good swing since long time. This product from FabFurnish.com is nice and they delivered it to us in time. We are happy with the product and service."

Amit Bhattu - bought a Swing

"Happy to share my FabFurnish.com purchase story. Really, loved the coffee table & the carpet. The design & the look really feels great at my residence."

Sampath Bananda - bought a Coffee Table

"This wall shelf has helped me get a little more organized. Earlier, I used to keep all my drawing tools on the table, and they occupied a lot of space. Now after shifting them to the wall shelf, I feel spacious and more organized.I have fixed the shelf in such a location that it is easy to access the items."

Sridharan. J - bought a Wall Shelf

"This piece of great utility is what I was looking for. My thirst for functional yet pretty furniture ended @ FabFurnish.com. And most importantly this purchase, and more to come up, is doubly special to me. The reason being that it is from my hard earned first salary, and it's the first purchase for my new home after marriage."

Aakriti Kansal

"What excellent service. What excellent products.FabFurnish makes me happy !"

Arati Krishna

"Amazed to get this shoe rack in exact same material, size, and quality, as mentioned. Huge thanks for maintaining the 'What you see is what you get' commitment. The awesome part is that it arrived a day before the delivery date. Thank you FabFurnish.com!"

Hemant Rathod - bought a Shoe Rack

"Very nice and good quality and durable for use"

Vassem - bought a Glen Cook Top

9 July 2013

"The product is a unique item to gift and decorate your own space too. For a budget gift, this product served just the purpose!"

Pragya Arya - bought a T-light holder

This was my first experience buying something from FabFurnish and must say it has been very pleasant, One of the most amazing online lifestyle store with superb variety of items. I am delighted with the quality of service and product. Keep up the Good Work!!"

Ritika Makhija - bought a Storage Jar & 3 in 1 Garlic Press

"This set is marvelous, and my family liked it too. I plan to continue my shopping through FabFurnish.com henceforth."

Narayanan K V - bought a Swayam Coordinated Wedding Bedroom Set of Fifteen

Thank you very much for the Flowers sent by you. I sincerely appreciate your gesture.
As informed to you yesterday, I have recommended your site and placed its Link on the Facebook Page of rare recipes: https://www.facebook.com/rarerecipes. Do check it out. Thanks once again and Best Regards."

Reena Malhotra - bought multiple products from Kitchen & Dining category

"I had ordered two Laopala Diva Dinner Sets from fabfurnish. What speedy service! I am amazed. Such competitive prices and excellent service. Thank you Fabfurnish and your team for your good work. Keep it up! God Bless You All! HAPPY DIWALI!!!!"

Hardip Guraya - bought Two Laopala Diva Dinner Sets

"Awesome! I ordered these from FabFurnish.com. They are lovely..."

Akanksha Ghai - bought a Reflections Decorative Mirror Sticker

"Great customer service from @fabfurnishindia... Very commendable."

Anil Chawla - bought a Fab Home Basic Dining Table With Four Chairs

8 Oct 2013

"It's an excellent product - compact & handy. Great packing from FabFurnish.com!"

Kasturi Murthy - bought a Renata LED Gigalyte USB White

"It looks enchanting in my living room. All thanks to FabFurnish.com!"

Aastha Bhardwaj - bought an Eternal Bon Voyage - Three Panel Wall Painting Clock


Chandan pal - bought an Alda Milk Pan

9 July 2013

"Good product will recoomend to anyone"

Tomy George - bought an Earth Art Casserole

2 Sept 2013

"One of the BEST Home Shopping --FABFURNISH .Products are really very good , Moderen & attrective . Services are very quick . Employees are VERY dedicated & honest . I , PERSONALLY ADMIRE THE SERVIES of MR. ANIL/ Arun JOSHI . GOD BLESS...."

Devinder Kaul

"I love the hand towels as they are of very good quality and highly absorbent. The colour is my favourite blue and it looks pretty especially when I hang it out in my home for guests to use. Thank you FabFurnish.com"

Annie Lawrence - bought a Hand Towels

"I love my Uno Roger magazine rack. The shade and the finish is exactly what the picture suggests. I was also impressed with the tough packaging in which it came along."

Pummy Banerjee - bought an Uno Roger magazine rack

"I am so glad to be your customer. You not host a wide range of products but also lovely discounts. Thanks a lot, waiting for more offers....but was a little sad when I learnt that I had purchased a baking tin few months back and its price reduced to 50% now."

Sarita Kar

"I am Very happy, after receiving my goods, Please continue the the same services ."

Prabir Das

"Loved the color combination of the Homestay Maroon & Beige cushion covers. They look so elegant and bright. For just 99 they are fantastic. Thank you Fab furnish for the efficient & quality service."

Anuja Bansal - bought Cushion Covers

" awesome!...got the required products of excellent quality n the required sizes...too good!prompt delivery...n with good pakaging."

Bina Shetty - bought a Swayam Floral Cosmo 36 Printed Bed Set Yellow & Green

"Nice collections,really superb.....lots of models I never seen this much clock models......"

Mohammed Manzoor - bought a Clock

"It's easy to use and has a decent look."

Reena Srivastava - bought a Trust Rice Cooker Cum Vegetable Steamer

Share Your Story - Win Free Shopping Worth Rs 5000! Love shopping with us? Share your experience and get shopping! One lucky winner, from among all the reviews published here, would get a gift voucher worth Rs 5000 every week. All you need to do is email a picture and your review of the product purchased from FabFurnish.com to social@fabfurnish.com. Do mention your name and place!

"We have been looking for the right couch for our living room since the last 14 months. This process has involved me, being summoned away from work before hours, to dignify my mother's plea to check out a design; and my father, leaving the Hospital mid-day, to accompany my mother for a new 'seasons sale'. We are both sharing a cup of tea this Sunday evening sitting on this super comfortable grey couch as I type, relieved and celebrating that the decision was finally made. It's the perfect color, the perfect fabric, the perfect style and size and definitely the best price. Cheers to our mother for taking a good call! And another to FabFurnish.com for a neat business idea. To many more such buys."

Chandni Goel bought a Couch

"Thanks for your wonderful service and excellent products. The bed sheets made my bedroom look more beautiful. And shopping with FabFurnish.com was fabulous. Just loved your products and will keep shopping with you."

Shilpi bought a Bed Sheets

"I recently purchased a wall mounted wine rack from FabFurnish.com. The experience, to say the least, was really good. The price of this item was far below any other online portal. The delivery was ahead of schedule and packaging was of really good quality. I would definitely recommend shopping at FabFurnish.com."

Jason Sequeira bought a Wall Mounted Wine Rack

"I was shifting to another rented accommodation which had bare minimum wood work. So, I browsed through FabFurnish.com to buy a cupboard for my kid. Then I saw their range of collapsible storage products which interested me more. I found it more stylish, and it was delivered within 2 days. I was excited to receive it. My hubby helped me assemble it and now it stands in one corner of our room and houses all my kiddo utilities."

Richa Bansal bought a Collapsible Storage

"I asked Santa Claus (my older sister and the only earning one out of the two!) to gift me yet another pair of shoes! To which Santa Claus sent me a link and pointed to a shoe rack! Said because I have so many pairs I must need storage and promised that Santa would fill all the empty places in it. So Santa (after a lot of delaying) finally ordered this cute shoe rack from FabFurnish.com and I received it in record time. And then I started stocking my shoes in it. Santa had played her cards well for not a single empty space was left. In fact, I have more shoes for another shoe rack ;) So that's my shopping story about how I had a Shoe-y Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho!"

Anshika Bihany bought a Shoe Rack

"I always used to avoid salads, but your platter makes it look appealing. With your platter's aid, my family has a much more nutritious diet now. We even love your service, it is just perfect."

Sheetal Samani bought a platter

"From the house of "the Yellow Door" comes this fantastic set of three candle stands. Glass on glass cleverly designed is very eye-catching. It enhances not only outdoors but can make a style statement in your very own living room - as it has done mine! Diwali never looked so beautiful before....effectively soothing and sparkling to behold! One among my best buys!"

Sonu Sippy bought a Candle Stands

"We bought the Samara queen size hydraulic bed & Roma side table. Detailed pictures with video are available so that we can see and be reasonably aware of what we will be getting. We were happy to see the product. Got good response from the customer care and assembly team. Our sincere thanks to Fab Furnish team as everything was in place before Deepavali."

N.Ramamurthy & Lalitha Ramamurthy bought Hydraulic bed & Roma side table

"I often buy many products from FabFurnish.com and this dining table is one of them. It's very comfortable and useful, and it binds our good times even in the busiest schedule."

Elango Ponnusamy bought a Dining Table

"This corner is of more use everyday!"

Chitra Singar

"Here's your beautiful product adorning my home. I'm loving this bed sheet and have ordered a new set too. Thanks!"

Richa Anand bought an Bed Sheet

"I'm a huge fan of FabFurnish.com and strongly recommend it to all my friends & colleagues. It has the best & latest products in all categories, at the most affordable prices and most awesome offers!! Thanks FabFurnish."

Dilraj Kaur B - bought Crockery and furnishing items

"My whole dining area has lightened up because of these beautiful bright curtains and matching table cloth. I'm so happy! Thank you FabFurnish.com."

Supriya Nishanth - bought Swayam eyelet curtains, table cloth

"My spacious shoe rack..!! Loving it..!!"

Jazz Kaur - bought a Shoe Rack

25 Sep 2013

"love the way it feels and it's like art on the floor"

Palak jain - bought a Coffee Table

"This Kitchen Shelf is one of my most precious possessions and my favorite purchase from FabFurnish.com. Perched on it are some of my other favorites - Alfresco Coffee Mugs, Oxford Cottage Salt & Pepper Shaker, Portico Hand Towel. Your collection, service, quality assurance is just superb. Thanks a tonne!

Supriya Nishanth - bought a Kitchen Shelf

"After a tiring day when you come home and have dinner with your family on this dining table, the happiness you feel is incomparable!
In fact, my mom has been learning how to browse the internet so that she could log in to FabFurnish.com and see what's new."

Dharvendra Tyagi - bought a Dining Table

"Believe it or not, this laundry basket set of three changes the very mundane job of segregating laundry into a fun activity. If there are little children at home, it's fun to assign each her/his own basket, and watch with glee as they sort out their laundry into their proper places! I have arranged them height wise to marvel how a heap of clothes, in dire need of washing can end up looking kinda cute!"

Mousumi Ray - bought a Laundry Basket

"I ordered Metallica Elle Metal Bed and received it on time. Excellent quality with unbeatable price. This is my preferred website for my home furnishing. Keep up the great job."

KLN Subudhi - bought an Elle Metal Bed

"I got a mail from fabfurnish.com about their latest offers. When I browsed their website I came across many offers and ordered this wardrobe for my new house. I got my wardrobe just after 5 days and it was amazing to see the product style and quality. Everyone in my family and friends liked the wardrobe and its value for money. I'm very happy with FabFurnish.com Thank you so much!"

Syed Jabeer - bought a Wardrobe

"I received a fabulous product from FabFurnish.com and it is just the thing I was looking for. My magazines were until now difficult to keep. Thank you....."

Gopika Sharma - bought a Magazine Rack

"We were looking for a workstation for our new Desktop PC and searched for one that could be purchased online. We searched it on most of the popular websites that sell furniture and finally decided on purchasing it from FabFurnish.com. Among all the websites we evaluated, we found that FabFurnish.com was the most attractively designed one and with simple and hassle free purchase process. We were looking for a simple workstation without any storage and with just a platform for the monitor and a sliding tray for keeping the keyboard. We could locate such a workstation only on FabFurnish.com. The product was quite reasonable. We instantly received order confirmation both on the mobile and by email. There was clear information in the order confirmation about the product and the time it would take for the delivery. Thereafter, I also received a phone call from Fabfurnish informing me that the installation charges would be free as I was a first time buyer on their site. I received the well packed (in a wooden crate and bubble wrap both of which were good protection) product within the time given, of 5 days from the date of the order. Thereafter, FabFurnish’s carpenter called us and came and fixed the workstation at our home. The workstation on assembly was similar to the product in the online catalogue and we have been using it for about 2 months now. In our view, they are the best website of their kind and will definitely become a leading online marketplace for furniture in India in the coming years. Though purchasing furniture online is a new concept in India, the purchase process of Fabfurnish removes misgivings customers may have about such process and help them buy furniture and other household items online though a simple online interface and at great prices."

Giridhar Pai - bought a Study Table

"After being very skeptical of actually ordering furniture online, I crossed my fingers and finally placed an order of this coffee table with stools. All speculations were put to rest when the product arrived. It was solid quality wood and looked much prettier than the pictures, which is actually a good thing. You would always love the product when it exceeds your expectation.
After my first purchase, would I return to FabFurnish.com ? I already did and have placed another order."

Shikhar Sharma - bought a Coffee Table with Stools

"I wanted to thank you for the unprecedented speed and efficiency with which you delivered the items of furniture I recently purchased! I recently had a baby girl and can't move around out of the house too much. When you have kids, the number of visitors increase. So even though my furniture needs are growing, I can't get things done out and about - which is why I have turned to FabFurnish.com to meet my needs!
I had order a Fab Home Eiba Single Futon in Red (order no:200734521) and the estimated delivery time was 7-10 days, but I received it the very next day! What's more, within a couple of hours of my requesting installation, the guy turned up to do that for me too! All in all I am super-satisfied with your service, and so is my little darling!"

Susan George - bought a Fab Home Eiba Single Futon

"I received my cherished futon yesterday via your courier approximately 5 business days after placing the order. The order system was hassle free, delivery prompt and item was undamaged. My only comment would be your courier should have an assistant to help him with heavy items. I am a single woman and although I am fit I was not much on this occasion. I cannot fault the service however and would definitely use FabFurnish again. Highly recommended."

Karen Shaikh - bought a Fab Home Eiba Futon with Mattress

"Loved the quality of the product and the service. It was received in great shape and I am definitely more inclined to buying home deco products from FabFurnish."


"I received the sofa order and I was very happy and impressed. the sofa looked better than on the website and was very comfortable. beautiful and luxurious feeling fabric! very happy!"

Suraj Kumar - bought a Sofa

"Thank You! for shipping my first Two Orders to you in the "Best Ever Transit Packaging" ever received by me from any Online Retailer and also for your "Reasonable Product Pricing". No other Online Retailer be it Flipkart, Amazon, HomeShop18, Snapdeal, Jabong, Ezone, FutureBazaar or PepperFry, comes close to you in Transit Packaging; it is Transit Damage Proof...Not just Transit Damage Resistant. I also found your Customer Service Representative, Mr. Sagar to be very Polite and Courteous. A suggestion, please use only Javas/ BlueDart Couriers for your Delivery. Delhivery Courier is neither reliable nor prompt. We have experienced this with our multiple High Value and other Orders with HS18.I will be very happy to recommend your site on my Facebook Page : facebook.com/rarerecipes, Website : rarerecipes.net and YouTube Channel : youtube.com/rarerecipes. Thanks and Regards. Reena Malhotra, rare recipes, New Delhi."

Reena Malhotra - bought Borosil Country Tumbler Set of Six Pieces

"Awesome ! This is the only work that comes out from my mind when anyone asks my experience on shopping with Fabfurnish. I bought an entertainment unit and this kind of shopping, buying furniture online, has never been done in my entire known community and thus was very apprehensive towards how are my relatives and friends going to find it. When my product got assembled, firstly… I was very very impressed and was more than convinced that I made the right decision. Since then I have been earning everyone's appreciation! The design and material was exactly what was shown and mentioned. It totally came out the way I visualized it seeing it online. The delivery and assembling was much much faster and it took a wait of just 3 days. Also, the customer care division actually are very customer friendly. I would highly recommend Fabfurnish as the best place to go when going online for the collection range, for best quality products and for unbeatable price too ! Good job guys. Thanks and best wishes."

Rama Gautam - bought a Fab Home Entertainment Unit

"Beautiful and excellent quality!!!"

Helen Sundar - bought an Earth Art Pan Green

9 Sept 2013

"They are a bunch of polished and polite young people committed to customer relationship."

Nalini Salian - bought a Biggie Bean Bag Blue

"I for the first time ordered two small items from you all guys so just wanna let u all know i am so so pleased with it n above all the packing is done with grt care. Thank u n Happy Diwali"

Priyanka Rai - bought Bormioli Rocco Colseo Wine Glass Set of Six and Blossoms Orient Express - Designer Vase

"Awwwwww i am so touched by the Flowers that you guys send and i was really supriseddddddddd to d core Tanq fab furnish ..u r truly fabulous"

Neha Prakash - bought a Trust & Guess Serving Set of Six

"You have a very nice website, i specially like the kitchen section. its lovely. I bought lot of glassware and was really amazed to find that everything reached safely without any damage. Great experiance. keep up the good service !"

Rupali - bought Glass Products

"It has decent look and easy to use."

Reena - bought a Trust Rice Cooker Cum Vegetable Steamer

25 July 2013

" I am fully satisfied with the Website which has cause no hurdles at any stage of the process till making payment. Products of BED AND FURNITURE are very good and available plenty with all sizes. Shipping and delivery should be still speedup in order to keep good service. Twice I contacted through phone,I am delighted their efficiency in solving my problems.

Niranjan Kugore - bought a Swayam Diwan Turquoise Set of Six Pieces

"Did not have much instances..things were too smooth as usual..the only time I got to interact was on COD confirmation call and they were always courteous and to the point."

Sushmita Jha - bought a Rocca Bath Towel Sage Green Set of Two

"Great website. Very user-friendly! No fuss payment process. Huge variety! What you see is what you get! Really good packaging, far better than any I've seen! Prompt & friendly customer service. Very professional and geared towards problem-solving and customer excellence. Very quick response! Refunds without delay."

Chitra Sham - bought an Earth Art Stockpot With Lid Black

"I ordered 2 of Elmwood Durban One Seater Recliner on 12th of Aug 2013. Delivery time mentioned was 5-10 business days. The package arrived today through Blue dart shipping. The package was done really well. It was delivered at my door step. The product looks exactly the same as it appears on the web site. I didn't have any problem with the shopping I did with Fab furnish and I am extremely happy with their service and on time delivery. The quality of the sofa is also very good. I read lots of negative feedback given by the customers and I was quiet worried if I had made the right choice of shopping with Fab furnish. But now I am quiet impressed with the service they rendered. I would recommend Fab furnish to my friends and colleagues"

Lavanya - bought an Elmwood Durban One Seater Recliner

12th Aug 2013

"I had a wonderful experience with the FabFurnish team.
I had initially bought a collapsible wardrobe, which broke down within a week due to a defect. The FabFurnish team was extremely understanding of the situation and promptly provided me with a voucher of the entire amount, enabling me to buy another product on the website in return for the defective wardrobe. This was a very welcome gesture, indeed! What's more, I recently came home from work to a bouquet of flowers from FabFurnish, welcoming me on board! They sure know how to treat customers well!
I had a wonderful experience dealing with the team and look forward to making more purchases on the website!! Keep up the good job!"

Shruti Mehrotra

"I was seaching for a unique TV unit,different in style & design(ofcourse at an affordable cost) to surprise my husband on his birthday.I was overwhelmed by the Fabfurnish collection.It has been a dream come true - Smooth payments,quick delivery & assembly and I have a TV unit which is excatly as displayed on the site:-) (Colour,design,even the grains-Love it!) I suggested this is to my mom & friends,who are also planning to buy from here.We have a joke going around...we will name our house"
"The FabFurnish Paradise"!"

Prathibha Narahari,Banglore - bought a TV Unit

"hi i just bought a painting from the online site and on opening the package after delivery i found that the glass was broken....i thought that i would have to go through a lot of problem to get it exchanged but to my surprise the customer care executive without any hassles gave me a coupon worth the same amount and that too quite quickly...keep up the good work..."

Abhimanyu Singh Parihar - bought a Painting