Bohemia Crystal Gina Wine Glass 6 Pcs

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  • Material Crystal

Short Description

* Material: Lead Free Crystal Glass
* Color: Clear
* Capacity: 230 ml
* Quantity: Set Of 6 Gina Wine Glasses


For a doleful moment when food and drinks are celebrated amidst the company of friends and family, these wine crystal glasses come just appropriate to add on to the revelry.

Bohemia Crystal glasses are lead free glasses and no harmful metal are mixed in it. Thereby, they are 100% safe drinking glasses. These are machine blown glasses developed by professionals

Handling Instructions
Wash product in lukewarm water with a mild detergent that does not contain sand.
When using in dishwasher, set it at a short glasses friendly program with a low temperature, as soon as the program finishes open the dishwasher door. Immediately after washing, dry the glasses with a soft cloth.
When wiping glasses, never turn the bowl and the stem in opposite directions, in extreme cases this could cause the glasses to break.
Handle the product carefully, so as to avoid damage and possible injury.
Children should not be allowed to handle glasses.

Made in Czech Republic.