Cannon Traditional Home Double Bed Sheet Set Red

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  • Material Cotton

Short Description

* Material: Cotton
* Color: Red
* Pattern: Traditional
* Thread Count: 200
* Style: Contemporary
* Additional Features: Traditional designs in contemporary colors, Perfect for every home setting, Satin weave, Feels silky & smooth, Rich in appearance.
* Double Bed Sheet Length: 100 inches (250 cm), Width: 90 inches (225 cm)
* Pillow Covers Length: 27 inches (68 cm), Width: 17 inches (43 cm)
* Quantity: 3 Pieces (1 Double Bed Sheet + 2 Pillow Covers)


Beautify your home and complement your home interior decor with this Cannon Traditional Home Double Bed Sheet Set. The bed sheet is made from 100 percent cotton with a thread count of 200 that makes it comfortable and cosy. This printed double bed sheet features traditional design in contemporary colors which is perfect for every home settings. Additionally, you get two complimenting pillow covers that give your bedroom the complete look.

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