Cannon Two Tone Hand Towel Green

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  • Material Cotton

Short Description

* Material: Cotton
* Color: Green & Brown
* Weight: 132 g
* Pile Height: 4 mm
* Specific Color: Green
* Weave Type: Dobby Terry
* Yarn Count: 2/20 Pile Warp - 2/20 Ground Warp - 10 Weft
* Hand Towel Length: 23.62 inches (59 cm), Width: 15.75 inches (39 cm)
* Quantity: 1 Piece (1 Hand Towel)


Appealing in looks, the Cannon Two Tone Hand Towel (Green) is perfect for everyday use. Made from cotton with terry weave, this hand towel is soft and highly absorbent. You can wash your hands and wipe it effortlessly with this hand towel.