Chipakk Shri Krishna Maroon

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Short Description

* Material: Pigmented Polyvinyl Films (Imported)
* Color: Maroon
* Removable: Yes
* Reusable: No
* Small Wall Decal Height: 15 inches (38 cm), Length: 18 inches (45 cm)
* Medium Wall Decal Height: 19.25 inches (48 cm), Length: 23 inches (58 cm)
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Wall Decal)
* Available In: 2 Variation (Small Wall Decal & Medium Wall Decal)


The best thing about Chipakk is that unlike other available decals in the market, they are extremely thin making them look just like paint. Also, these are not printed, so the color will always be even and smooth like paint and not made up of tiny dots like in a printed decal or sticker. They can be applied on any flat surface including walls, glasses, mirrors and tiles. Watch your home transform in a matter of minutes with Chipakk on your walls! Expected Life: 5+ years.

Wash ability: Chipakk is waterproof from the outside. You can wash it with a wet/damp cloth. Just don't be too harsh! (Like with anything else you love J )

Removability: Chipakk is made using the best quality adhesive. And although we do not see any reason why anybody would want to remove it, in case you do we request you to first blow on the decal using a hair dryer and slowly peel it off. Please note: As all surfaces may vary, Chipakk cannot guarantee the condition of your walls and cannot be responsible for any paint loss or damage caused upon removal.

Reusability: Since each Chipakk is made using the thinnest possible material, the material loses shape once you remove it and it cannot be re-used. But then think of it, what are the real chances you would want to reposition your Chipakk? Also remember, the thicker the decal, the more it looks like a sticker and not a decal.