Dreamline Mop And Bucket On Wheels Green And Black

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  • Material Plastic

Short Description

* Material: Plastic
* Color: Green & Black
* Capacity: 13 Ltr
* Anti-Skid: Yes
* Drainage: Yes
* Detergent Storage: Yes
* Wheels: 4
* Additional Features: Strong & Durable Plastic, Strong Wheels, Keeps your hands out of dirty water, 360 Degree Rotating Mop Plate, 1 Handle, In-Built Liquid Soap Dispenser
* Mop & Bucket Height: 13 inches (33 cm), Length: 20 inches (50 cm), Width: 12 inches (30 cm)
* Quantity: 1 Piece (1 Mop & Bucket)


The Dreamline Magic Mop & Bucket On Wheels (Green & Black) is a revolutionary way to clean your home without much hassle. Made using virgin plastic, this mop is easy to use and durable too. Being anti-skid, you can easily use it without any worries. Thanks to the drainage plug, you can easily drain out the excess water