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Elmwood Streak Side Board

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  • Material Acacia

Short Description

* Material: Solid Wood (Acacia)
* Color: Honey
* Style: Contemporary
* Finish: Matte
* Cabinet Type: Side Board
* Side Board Height: 35.5 inches (89 cm), Length: 63 inches (158 cm), Width: 17.7 inches (44 cm)
* Delivery Condition: Assembled
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Side Board)


Suave Look

With a modern contemporary design, this honey coloured cabinet will fulfil all your storage needs. The matte finish imparts an alleviating feature to the cabinet. With colossal storage space, this side board cabinet is an organizer's dream. This plush model will add a feel good factor to your home furnishing.

Crafty Layout

Crafted meticulously from solid wood, this side board cabinet will exceed expectations when it comes to endurance and durability. Made to last for years, the brand name of Fab Home assures high performance of this piece of furniture. The storage space is divided into three drawers in upper row and three cabinets on the bottom area. Each cabinet is divided into two compartments by a shelf. The vertical engravings on the border and along the height give a snazzy feel to the layout.

Finish the Look

Place table decors on the top platform or use it as a storage space. Team it up with subtle coloured rug or mat. Add a little more magic with curtains of the same colour scheme.