Ethnic Brass Buddha Door Lock Golden

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  • Material Brass

Short Description

* Material: Brass
* Color: Golden
* Style: Contemporary
* Door Lock Height: 6 inches (15 cm), Length: 3 inches (8 cm), Width: 1 inches (3 cm)
* Quantity: 1 Piece (1 Door Lock With 2 Keys)


The Royal Brass Locks On Ancient Mysterious Doors Is What You Remember When You See This Piece Of Art. The Lock Is Made In Brass And Polished In Golden Finish. Handcarved In It Is Lord Budhdha - "The Enlightened One". An Additional Feature In The Masterpiece Is That They Keyhole Is Hidden Behind The Lock. The Brasswork Displays The Intricacy Of The Art. The Lock Comes With Two Keys And Gives An Ancient And Rich Look To Your Door.