Evok Nakshatra New Mirror Frame Brown

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Short Description

* Material: Solid Wood (Sheesam)
* Color: Brown
* Style: Contemporary
* Mirror Frame Height: 46.5 inches (116 cm), Length: 33.5 inches (84 cm), Width: 1 inches (3 cm)
* Delivery Condition: Knock Down
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Mirror Frame)


When you think of the decor of a particular room, you consider a lot of things; aesthetics being one of the important aspects. The Nakshatra mirror frame will instantly light up the mood of the room. The aesthetic appeal of the piece is such that you simply cannot do without this wooden frame which is crafted with care for providing a different dimension to your mundane mirror. Made with sturdy Sheesham wood, this frame comes in a rich brown colour.