Koryo KHH 800 Halogen Room Heater

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Short Description

* Model No: KHH 800
* Color: White
* Type: Room Heater
* Power Consumption: 800 W
* Additional Features: Safety Tip-Over Switch
* Package Contents: 1 Unit, Warranty Card And User Manual
* Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
* Quantity: 1 Room Heater


This winter, there is no worrying about frosting yourself, the Koryo 800 Room Heater is here to support you totally through its mind-blowing performance. Having such a good portable and compact design, it is flexible enough to change its positions within the room for comfortable heating.Being ISI marked, The Koryo 800 Room Heater is a reputed product, and can be fully trusted for safe and secure operations. Other features include Noiseless operation and a cool touch Handle. There are two different Heat settings to control the temperature of the operation and a safety tip over switch for start and stop functions.The Koryo 800 Room Heater works on a power consumption of 400-800 W and comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.