Koryo KOT 1121 OTG Oven 10 Ltr

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Short Description

* Material: Stainless Steel Housing
* Color: Grey
* Model No: KOT 1121
* Functions: Grilling & Baking
* Max Timer: 60 Min
* Power Consumption: 800 W
* OTG Capacity: 10 Ltr
* Warranty: 12 Month Warranty
* Additional Features: Stainless Steel Housing & Stainless Steel Door Handle, 2 High Efficient Quartz Heating Element
* Quantity: 1 OTG


The Koryo 1121 OTG Oven comes with a large 10 Litres of operating space to work with. The Body of Koryo OTG Oven is designed with Stainless Steel housing and door handle for secure operation and safety purposes, with a Glass finishing for durability.The Dashboard consists of variable temperature control settings through 3 different staged heating, and a 60 minute Timer control. The inner material of the Koryo OTG Oven is made of non-stick coating and is very easy to clean and maintain. The Koryo 1121 OTG Oven comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.