Koryo KVC 216 CH Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

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Short Description

* Color: Black And Red
* Filter Type: Hepa Filter
* Hose Types: Crush Proof Hose
* Power Consumption: 1600 W
* Brush Attachments: Yes, 2 Position Brush
* Additional Features: Translucent Dust Compartment, Automatic Cable Re-Winder, 360 Degree Hose Swivel
* Package Contents: Vacuum Cleaner, Handle Airflow Control, Crush-Proof Hose, Two Position Brush And Integrated Accessories
* Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
* Quantity: 1 Vacuum Cleaner


Koryo Vaccum Cleaner has a filter type of HEPA, ie a high efficiency dust particulate filter. The normal filter in most vaccum cleaners may trap some of the dust inside a bag, but the Hepa filter in KVC prevents the severely affecting and finer particles from being left out. Also, Koryo Vaccum Cleaner has a crush proof hose type, involving a tubing of full durability.Additional Features involve Translucent dust compartment to keep track of dust storage, Automatic cable re-winder and a 360 Degree hose swivel. Package contents include Two position brushes, airflow control and Integrated accessories. Koryos cyclonic vaccum cleaner operates on a power consumption of 1600 watts.