Koryo KVC 60 Vacuum Cleaner Red

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Short Description

* Color: Red
* Filters: Tri-Layer Washable Filter
* Extension Tubes: Flexible Tube
* Brush Attachments: Large Brush
* Suction Power: 600 W
* Additional Features: Universal Flexible Hose
* Warranty: 2 Years
* Quantity: 1 Vacuum Cleaner


The Koryo KVC 60 Vacuum Cleaner with its ultra light-weight and handheld design makes, dusting and cleaning your house, a fun and enjoyable thing to look for. The tri-layer washable Filter works in stages, trapping the larger particles first, but preventing even the finest of particulates to pass through the trap.The Koryo Vacuum Cleaner comes with a connecting Hose, an extension tube for longer distance handling purposes, a floor Brush; stain Brush and a Bristle Brush for dusting. Moreover, the Powerful suction makes cleaning the room just a matter of few minutes.This particular Koryo Vacuum cleaner works on a power consumption of 600 W and comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.