Maspar Splendid Saga Winsome Print Towel Blue

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Short Description

* Material: 100% Cotton
* Color: Blue
* Style: Contemporary
* Pattern: Abstract
* GSM: 550
* Large Bath Towel Length: 63 inches (158 cm), Width: 33 inches (83 cm)
* Medium Bath Towel Length: 55 inches (138 cm), Width: 28 inches (70 cm)
* Hand Towel Length: 28 inches (70 cm), Width: 16 inches (40 cm)
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Towel)
* Available In: 3 Variations (1 Large Bath Towel + 1 Medium Bath Towel & 1 Hand Towel)


Maspar brings to you a range of home and living options, down to the elementary essentials. Make your bath a luxurious and indulgent affair with towels from Maspar. Available in a range of sizes and colors, it makes the everyday ritual truly delightful. Super absorbent and with soft, feathery feel, each offering wraps you in a cozy cocoon. Give your bath the Maspar makeover!