Poppadumart Four Letter Word Babe

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Short Description

* Material: Handcrafted In Premium Quality Rubber Wood
* Color: Purple and Green
* Style: Contemporary
* Table Top Height: 5 inches (12 cm), Length: 5 inches (12 cm), Width: 1 inches (2.7 cm)
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Table Top)


For the girl who makes Jennifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke and Kate Upton look like a 6, for the girl with the laugh that makes your knees go weak, for the girl who can get you tongue-tied with just one look.

This range is all about those Four-Letter Words that we just canot do without! Inspired by Robert Indiana iconic Love sculpture in New York, this range of desk plaques doubles up as extremely expressive paperweights. Hand-crafted in wood and beautifully sculpted, these bold, playful statement pieces are perfect for any desk.