Renata Illumina LED Floor Light White And Blue

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Short Description

* Material: Mild Steel & Plastic
* Color: White & Blue
* Style: Contemporary
* Shade Length: 3.5 inches (9 cm)
* Stand Height: 40 inches (100 cm)
* Shade Diameter: 3.5 inches (9 cm)
* Height: 45 inches (113 cm)
* Base Material: Mild Steel
* Base Diameter: 6 inches (15 cm)
* Base Shape: Round
* Holder Material: Plastic
* Lighting Part: LED
* Recommended Wattage: 3 Watts
* Led Included: Yes
* Connecting Mechanism: Plug
* Adjustable Brightness: No
* On/ Off Switch Included: Yes
* Wire Length: 2 Meter
* Quantity: 1 Piece (LED Floor Light)


Floor lights can be the best gifts for your friends who are fastidious about the accessories they own. This one makes for a great buy owing to its soothing combination of white and blue and is made of plastic and steel.