Stoneline All Purpose Ultimate Kitchen Cookware Set 5 Pcs

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  • Material Aluminum

Short Description

* Material: Aluminium
* Color: Grey
* Dishwasher Safe: Yes
* Non Stick: Yes
* Lid Included: Yes
* Lid Material: Glass
* Roasting Pot Capacity: 4.5 Ltr
* Cooking Pot Capacity: 2.6 Ltr
* Sauce Pan Capacity: 2 Ltr
* Stewing Pan Capacity: 2.15 Ltr
* Frying Pan Capacity: 950 ml
* Quantity: 5 Pieces (1 Roasting Pot + 1 Cooking Pot + 1 Sauce Pan + 1 Stewing Pan + 1 Frying Pan)


Turning down this beautifully designed, all purpose kitchen cookware set from Stoneline will be very hard indeed! This consists of five pieces and is made of aluminum. This looks really charming in grey and can be safely used in dishwashers minus any hassles.