Swayam Turquoise Blue Diwan Set of Six Pieces

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Short Description

* Material: 100% Cotton
* Color: Turquoise Blue
* Pattern: Floral
* Thread Count: 200
* Cushion Closing: Flap
* Sheet Length: 90 inches (225 cm), Width: 70 inches (175 cm)
* Cushion Cover Length: 16 inches (40 cm), Width: 16 inches (40 cm)
* Cushion Cover Length: 30 inches (75 cm), Width: 30 inches (75 cm)
* Quantity: 6 Pieces (1 Diwan Sheet + 3 Cushion Covers + 2 Bolster Covers)


Have your drawing room diwan look inviting and ready all the time with this Swayam divan set. Made of 100% cotton material, it feels soft against your skin. Your cushions and bolsters shall also be covered by this set as it has a divan sheet along with cushion and bolster covers.