Trudeau Bamboo Melamine Measuring Cups Orange, Yellow, Green & Red Set of Four Pieces

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Short Description

* Material: Bamboo & Melamine
* Color: Orange, Yellow, Green & Red
* Small Measuring Cup Capacity: 62 ml
* Medium Measuring Cup Capacity: 125 ml
* Large Measuring Cup Capacity: 188 ml
* Extra Large Measuring Cup Capacity: 250 ml
* Quantity: Set of 4 Pieces (1 Small Measuring Cup + 1 Medium Measuring Cup + 1 Large Measuring Cup + 1 Extra Large Measuring Cup)


Measure accurately to cook your favourite dish perfectly using this set of 4 orange, yellow, green and red coloured measuring cups. Made from melamine and bamboo, these cups are unbreakable. You can get these measuring cups in 4 different sizes.