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A Electric Kettle completes your kitchen equipment

No kitchen is complete without at least one electric kettle. With these fantastic kitchen gadgets, you can avail yourself instantly to the much needed hot coffee or tea that can keep you awake as you trod through the day. In fact, the electric kettle is not just for preparing hot drinks. The piping hot water that the electric kettle prepares, if poured into a bowl of instant noodles, will give you a fast and delicious meal in a matter of minutes! FabFurnish carries an incredible range of electric kettles you can choose from. Browse our online catalog to pick your favorite, and we'll get it delivered to you in no time.

Wide Range of Electric Kettles from FabFurnish.com

FabFurnish stocks a myriad of electric kettle brands for every home - from the higher end ones to cheap kettles. The brands we carry include Kenwood, Philips, Inalsa, and Oster, not to mention the highly popular Bajaj electric kettle that comes in two different capacities - 1.0 litre and 1.7 litre. Our Bajaj electric kettle is cordless, with a switch that is self-illuminated and transparent, hence doubling the function of the switch to be an indicator as well.

Our Bajaj electric kettle, and the others that we supply, are designed with safety and modern convenience in mind. All of them have sturdy base to ensure that accidental toppling does not happen. The body of the kettle is coated with materials that feel cool to touch, eliminating the possibility of burnt fingers when accidentally touching the hot surface. To add, there is an auto shut off feature. Hence, should you forget to turn it off before leaving the kitchen, there should not be a problem upon returning. Another common modern design feature is the water level indicator, ensuring that the water inside remains at the right level. To add, all our kettles are designed so that you can use them comfortably. The opening lids are mostly wide enough for use, and the spout makes for easy pouring.

Not Just an Electric Kettle

For those who prefer multiple use of the device, we have some models that have micro grill convection combination - hence extending the function of the kettle even more. Just read through our product descriptions to know more about them. We also invite you to browse our catalog not just for kettles, but for more amazing products we have. In doing so, you will be joining thousands of satisfied Indian customers who have enjoyed the with FabFurnish experience.