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Emergency Light for Every Night

What do you do if there is a power outage in the middle of the night?

We say "Let there be emergency lights!" with our range of emergency light solutions from leading Indian and international brands. Like every other product on our site, the emergency light range comes with free shipping, cash on delivery and 15 days return. So, shop now at FabFurnish.com and there will never be a dark moment again.

Wide Range and Brands of Emergency Lights available

These emergency lights use CFL tubes or bulbs. Our range includes Indian products like BPL, Usha Shriram, Gryphon, Wipro and Bajaj emergency light as well as international emergency light brands like Inalsa. All emergency lights come with the manufacturer's warranty, as applicable. There are study lights and lanterns in a range of colors and designs to go with any decor and requirement. Some of the models have a single tube while others have two or three for more illumination. These models, however, consume more of the battery power.

LED Models

The energy efficient LED emergency light has an array of high power LEDs or light emitting diodes instead of incandescent or florescent bulbs. The power consumed by an LED, for similar light output, is way lower than the latter two options and thus, it is more preferable in our energy starved world. WE have products from most leading brands in this range as well.

All the above models are battery operated and portable. You can easily carry them around inside the house or carry with you for outdoor adventures. The initial charging time is usually 24 hours and up to 16 hours charging is required after every use. Many of the emergency light models like Bajaj PX104L, have an additional torch mode for focused lightning. Both the conventional and LED lamps are available in solar rechargeable options for further saving on battery costs.

Wide Range of Shopping at FabFurnish.com

If you are more interested in the old style romantic lightning, visit FabFurnish.com and choose from our range of candles, scented candles, candle holders, hanging lamps and tea lights. In addition, we have a whole range of lightning solutions for the times you do have access to electricity like ceiling, floor and table lamps in various hues and designs.