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Top 10 eco-friendly decor ideas

Your house requires a makeover every now and then. Following the call of the modern times, your house also needs modern décor ideas that make it suitable for the time.Even the tiny things can pump up the décor if the house. If you aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on revamping the look of your house to get a modern outlook, simply go through the following tips-

1)Color code the drawing room: Your drawing room is the focal point of the entire house since it makes the first impression on the guests. The simple idea is to keep it color coded. If the drawing room is painted in a white color and accompanied by white furniture, add accents in shades of red or orange. If the room is painted bright yellow, how about neutralizing it down with navy blue décor items. The key is to keep the color balanced and keep it soothing for the eyes.

2)More natural light for the house: The beauty of the house doubles if there are more and more sources of natural lights. The house should be lighted with ample amounts of windows, ventilators and doors. The passing of natural air and natural light also plays an important part in keeping healthy. If renovating your house, make sure you design with a lot of windows and ventilators. Beautify the windows and doors with beautiful sheer and silk curtains in complementing colors.

3)White linens for the bedroom: The bedroom should be the most peaceful place of the house. It should also have a calm and serene atmosphere so that it hums in harmony and aids in an uninterrupted sleep. White is known to be the color of purity, innocence and calmness. Drape your beds with bed linens in color white and let your room look peaceful and divine.

4)DIY Wall Arts: Don’t worry if you are bored with the colors of the walls. Simply try some innovative DIY tricks and let your walls scream your style. You can hand paint, decorate with mirrors or sequin, silk scarf and transform the wall to a fun corner.

5)Floor bedding with cushions/throws: Maximize your floor space by giving all the furniture a miss and opting for floor bedding. Spend on a nice cushiony mattress and pep up the look with some exciting cushions and throws. Keep both style and comfort on your side with floor bedding. Sipping on tea or gossiping with friends will be all the more relaxing!

Set of cushions for floor 6)Natural Plants: We know you live miles away from natural surroundings or are too busy to even admire the nature outdoors. So why not bring nature indoors and admire its beauty and benefit from its healing powers? Bring natural plants for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and feel the warmth of nature at your stretch. Plants in stylish and designer pots and planters are an excellent décor for the modern homes.

Natural plants as decor 7)More colors in the kitchen: Rather than keeping the kitchen color coded, you should make the kitchen a brighter place by including more and more colors. If you have a white table, arrange for some colorful chairs to go with it. Buy colorful dishes, racks and table mats to add fun to the décor of the kitchen.

8)Less furniture in the kitchen area: The open kitchen-dining room allows more space and looks organized. Less colors should be used in the dining room with minimum things kept on the dining table for the clutter-free look. The lighting should be perfect and the area should be well ventilated.

9)Modern printed rugs and mats: Give your floor some color and design by investing in some printed rugs and mats. In geometric and Aztec prints in bright poppy colors, these rugs are sure to cover the floor in an artistic manner and give a modern outlook to the house.

Geometric Print Rugs 10)Photo on the walls: Personalize your walls by framing sweet memories with your loved ones. Frame your family picture on the wall and fix it on the wall of the bedroom or the living room. You can also make a collage of all your favorite pictures and write personalized messages with each one.

These modern decorating ideas are a sure hit for your home décor. Consider one or more of these and make way for compliments.