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Standard measurements for beds

Bed Measurements

Bed is the one of the most important furniture of the entire house. It is a fact that we spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping and we all look forward to a sound sleep after a hard tiring day at work. So, buy the best bed for that comfortable sleep. Whenever you want to buy beds, measure the space available at your home and choose the suitable one.

Some important points before buying bed are:

  • The space available in the bedroom to place the bed
  • Number of people to be accommodated
  • Size of the people

Like most furniture,beds are also available in standard size, so that the customer can choose the correct one according to the requirements.

Here are different types of beds that you can choose from -

Bunk Beds - It is a type of bed where one bed is stacked one over the other. A ladder is fixed on one side for reaching the upper bed. It is suited for kids room that lack floor space.

Bunk Bed Size (In inches): 39 x 75

Single bed - Single beds are meant for one occupant. Single beds are good for your teenager's room and living room.

Single Bed Size (In inches): 36 x 75

Double Bed - Double beds are meant for two people and are perfect for small bedrooms. It is suitable for two people with average height.

Double Bed Size (In inches): 54 x 75

Queen Bed - Queen Beds are bigger than double beds and are suitable for small master bed rooms. It is suitable for two people with tall height.

Queen Bed Size (In inches): 60 x 80

Queen bed King Bed - King Beds are bigger than queen beds and stand fit for big and spacious master bedrooms. The size of a king size bed allows greater comfort and space and is especially designed for people who occupy larger space. King Bed Size (In inches): 76 x 80

Queen bed Consider the interiors of your room before buying bed. Always look out for the material with which the bed is crafted. Going to the physical store or buying it online make sure to check the measurements properly. Bring the best one according to your needs and have a relaxed time sleeping on your bed.