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Get value for money and enjoy the best of
both words comfort and quality in bed sheets.

A good sleep helps you to wake up fresh, get rejuvenated and stay enthusiastic the entire day. But for that you need to have a cozy affair with your bed. Comfortable sheets play an active role and if you have one, you are certainly in a good company. They are important as they come in direct contact with our skin and their soft feel can help us fall asleep soon.

Good bed sheets makes up for a perfect excuse to lounge in our beds all day long.

There are great number of varieties available in bed sheets in market and online stores. However, to choose the perfect bed sheet for your home, captured below are few points that you must consider before buying any bed sheet.



When it comes to bed sheets, the most important thing is its material.

Cotton has been a popular choice amongst
people due to number of reasons
Polyester Cotton as the name suggests is a blend of cotton and polyester and is made up of both natural and synthetic fibers. However it is not as comfortable as cotton but can be considered due to few factors
Buying Guide for Bedsheets

Size of the bed sheet

For a better idea, you can refer to the instructions below

Single Size Bed

 Bedsheet for Single Size Beds

Single Size Bed – (In inches): 36 x 75
Sheet Size - 60" x 90"

Queen Size Bed

Bedsheets for Queen Size Beds

Queen-Size Bed - (In inches): 60 x 80
Sheet Size - 90" x 100"

King Size Bed

 King Size Bed Sheets

King – Size Bed (In inches): 76 x 80
Sheet Size - 108" x 108"

Tips to measure the size of bed sheets -– One of the most important things which you should consider while shopping for bed sheets, is taking the right measure of the mattress so that you get the perfect fit. It is better to analyze the dimensions of your mattress and shop accordingly.

– Measure the length It is always better to measure the length of the bed using a measuring tape from the top of the mattress where the head goes to the bottom of the mattress where the feet goes. Write down the measurement for proper reference.

– Measure the width Measure the width of the bed by using a measuring tape from one side to the other. Make a note of it.

– Measure the depth Measure the depth of the mattress by using the measuring tape from top to the bottom of the mattress. If the bed has a foam layer or pillow top, do not forget to include that well in your measurement.

Fitted bed sheets- Fitted sheets as the name suggests fits your mattress snugly with the help of an elastic band that ensures it stays in place. It helps to keep your mattress clean as it does not slip off very often unlike other bed sheets. They also look good and stylish.

Thread count- Bed sheets with higher thread count are generally good, but it does not mean that bed sheets with less thread count are always inferior. They can also be nice. Generally, a bed sheet with a thread count from 104 to 140 is average, 144 to 200 is good and 210 and above is considered premium.


104 to 140


144 to 200


210 and above

Weave - The weave you select should mostly depend on whether you are usually warm or cold when you sleep.

Percale - Breathable with a crisp texture, meant for warm sleepers.

Sateen - It is generally very soft and the one with lower thread counts are meant for warm sleepers and higher thread counts are good for cold sleepers.

Flannel - It is generally brushed cotton meant for cold sleepers and colder climates.

So, next time when you go to shop for bed sheets, keep these points in mind. It helps you make a prudent selection and get value for money. Enjoy the best of both worlds comfort and quality in bed sheets.

Wash Care Instruction

Machine Wash at 40 degree   |    Wash Dark Color Separately   |    Tumble dry with low heat
Do not bleach    |    Iron with medium temp