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Best Kid Friendly fabrics

Best Kid Friendly Fabrics

When picking up anything from furniture to bed linens, carpets and rugs to furnish your kid's room, there are innumerable options that one can pick from. It is always wise to choose fabrics that repel stains and can withstand children jumping and running on it.

Here are the fabrics that one can choose from:

  • 1.Microfiber: Microfiber material is washable, stain-resistant and comes indifferent texture. Some microfiber weaves are smooth, like suede, and others are denser, similar to corduroy.
  • Fabricated Sofa
  • 2.Wool: Products crafted with wool and wool blends are a great option for home with kids. It is easy to clean and is less prone to pilling, snagging and wrinkling than other fabrics. The dust can easily be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Use woolen rugs and carpets, as they are safe to use in the kids room.
  • 3.Leather: Furniture crafted with leather can also be included in the kid’s room. It easily braves the wear and tear and serves for a long time. A lot many scuff-repair solutions are available in the market that will help in keeping the kids' furniture in a good condition for years. In addition, a quick treatment with leather conditioner once or twice a year will keep the sofa soft and supple. Know about the care instructions for leather furniture.
  • Leather Sofa
  • 4.Vinyl: Vinyl feels like leather, has the same smart look, but comes at an affordable price. It's easy to maintain since it can be cleaned by just spraying water and wiping spills away. Vinyl isn't as snuggly as microfiber, but in a playroom, it will hold up to lots of abuse.
  • 5.Denim: Buying products crafted with denim can be a colorful addition to the kid's room. It is available in a lot many colors to match your kid's bedroom or playroom. The fabric is sturdy and tough and can be cleaned easily. Mix and match it with the study table, bed and other furniture of the room.
  • 6.Cotton: Cotton is safe for use in the kid's room. So add bed sheets and curtains crafted with soft cotton and be carefree. You can also include mats and rugs crafted with cotton and blended fabric.
Cotton Bedsheet

Your kid's room furniture and linens should be such that it is safe for use for kids. The fabric should be easy to maintain and be ready for the wear and tear caused by them.