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Buying Guide on Knives and Cutlery

A cook will only understand how important it is to have the right cutlery and knives in the kitchen to make and present the meal in its best taste and presentation. The kitchen should be upgraded with all types of knives and cutlery to chop, slice, cut and mince the required ingredients for various dishes.

Here are the types of knives that are an absolute essential in the kitchen:

1)Fruit Knife: This knife is specially meant for peeling fruits and vegetables. It features a short, curved blade.

2)Chef's knife/Cook's Knife: It is a generally used knife that comes to use in mincing, slicing and chopping vegetables and meat. It is usually long with a short handle to give a comfortable grip.

3)Butcher's Knife: Mainly used for butchering chicken, lamb or mutton, it features a long blade.

4)Bread Knife: These knives feature long, serrated edge designed to cut bread without flattening it or producing more crumbs. It features 7 inches long blade for clean slicing.

5)Boning Knife: These knives feature a thin, narrow blade used to remove meat from bones. Boning knives are generally thin for cutting and usually range to 5 to 6 inches long. Stiff boning knives come into use in boning beef and pork, while flexible boning knives serve best for boning poultry and fish.

6)Utility knife: The utility knife has a midsized blade, is normally 4 to 7 inches long, which may be plain or serrated. It comes into use for various tasks.

Utility knife Here are different types of cutlery that are commonly used in the kitchen

1)Vegetable Peeler: This very essential tool is used to remove thin skins of the vegetable like potatoes, carrot, gourd etc.

Vegetable Peeler 2)Shears: Shears or kitchen scissors are a must in the kitchen to open packaged foods and chopping coriander etc.

3)Pizza Cutter: A pizza cutter can easily glide through the pizza and cut it easily. It features a bladed wheel with a handle.

4)Cheese Cutter: A cheese cutter is used to cut thin, uniform slices of cheese. It resembles a vegetable peeler.

5)Zester: This kitchen tool comes into use to peel fruits like orange that can be used for garnishing.

Your kitchen should be well equipped with all the knives and cutlery. If not, buy the best ones and grace your kitchen well.