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Care Instructions for Canvas

Canvas is an extremely heavy plain-woven fabric that comes into use in making sails, tents, backpacks, furniture, and other items where sturdiness is required. It is widely used for painting purpose where the canvas cloth is stretched across a wooden frame. Canvas is also coming into use in handbags, shoes and electronic device cases.

Canvas Painting

Below listed are some care instructions for canvas material:

• Soft brush/broom should be used for used for cleaning.
• The canvas can be hosed using cold water.
• For stubborn stains, the fabric should be washed with a diluted mixture of mild detergent and lukewarm water. The solution should be applied with a soft brush and then rinsed off well after 15 mins.
• The canvas should be dried thoroughly before storing.
• Do not wash the canvas in hot water, dry clean or tumble dry.
• Do not use high pressure hosing, as it may damage the fabric.
• Do not rub the surface of your canvas very hard.
• The canvas is an organic product, so it will react to climatic extremes.
• Never hang the canvas in direct sunlight, since it fades on exposure to sunlight.
• It is advisable not to hang the canvas outdoors, in areas of high humidity, under direct sunlight or extreme fluctuation in temperature.