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Care instructions for Crystal

Crystal is glass that has lead oxide in it. The reason for adding the lead oxide is to increase the density of the glass which makes the glass more reflective and adds to its brilliance. Some crystal is heavier than others just because of the lead content in it. There are so many things that are crafted with crystal. Most common found are glasses, plates and bowls, jars and vases.

Crystal Set Of Glasses

Below listed are some points that will help in taking care of the crystal:

• Store your crystal where it won't touch other items.

• Do not store crystal glasses upside down as it can put stress to the rim, which is very delicate.

• Carry your pieces one at a time rather than carrying as a bunch by the stems.

• Dust the crystal ware often, since dust can act as an abrasive and can scratch the surface.

• Always use mild detergent for washing and lint free cloth for drying.

• If the glasses have gold rims or an edge design, never soak in solutions containing ammonia. Always use mild detergent only.

• Crystal should always be hand washed. Use a clean cotton dish towel to polish and clean the wet crystal. If you let the glasses air dry and then try to dry them, the crystal ware may end up having smears and stains.

• For washing, use warm water. Quick changes in temperature of water can cause cracking.

• If you notice that your crystal has a haze or clouding look to it and are having trouble removing it, you need to move to the next level and try cleaning with a hard water stain remover.

• Never scrub or use a steel wool for washing the crystal.

• When washing, make sure you have a rubber matt in the sink bottom, or a towel just incase your hands are slippery and the glass drops.

• Wash your crystal before food harden and sticks to it. This will make it much easier to clean without having to put hard pressure on the item or scrap it causing scratches.

• Add a little vinegar to the dish water to keep hard water spots from appearing.

Crystals ware is pretty to look at and can be handed down to generations if proper care is taken of it.