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Care Instructions For Metal Furniture

Metal Furniture Guide

Metal furniture beautifully graces any home decor. Its smart design, minimal maintenance and budget friendly price have made it a great hit among the masses for use both indoor and outdoor use. Metal furniture is easy to maintain and requires less care and maintenance as compared to glass and wooden furniture.

Metal furniture can be crafted out of either of the following:

It is very easy to take care of the metal furniture. Simply follow the below mentioned steps to maintain the furniture -

  • Dusting and cleaning your metal furniture is very important. It should be done with a soft cotton towel or cloth to avoid scratches. At times mild detergent and water solution can be used but once the washing is done, dry it using a soft towel.
  • Metal furniture is often damaged due to rust. If your metal frame furniture is not rust-resistant, seal it with paste wax after cleaning it with mild soap and water. If it has a few spots of rust, you can treat it with rust remover. fab-home
  • For an exhaustive cleaning session, you can use methylated spirit for cleaning. Smudges and smears can be removed from metal furniture by using a window cleaning liquid and a paper towel.
  • Apply wax on the metal furniture to make it bright and protect it from wear and tear. Whether in liquid or paste form, the wax should be easy to use and apply. The wax film gives the metal furniture a pleasant look and prevents finger marks. Regular waxing prevents tarnishing of metals and maintains a bright finish.
  • Repaint the metal furniture often. The look of the furniture can be refreshed from time to time by painting it. It will add life to the furniture. Metal furniture should be regularly powder coated which are of various types like polyester, nylon, epoxy, acrylic coating etc.
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  • If using outdoors, it is advisable to pull the furniture indoors in harsh winters and rainy season as it may rust the metal furniture.

    Add life to your furniture by caring for it. Metal furniture is sturdy and will serve you years of service if proper care is taken of it.