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Choosing the right candle holders

Candles are an inexpensive way to decorate the home, but they require candle stands and holders to avoid the spilling of wax here and there. Holders ensure prevention and safety from the hot wax and also upgrade the look of the candle. A candle holder can be as simple as a ceramic or glass plate placed under a pillar candle, or as lavish as an intricate carved glass that allows light to escape artistically out of the holes. Candles are available in a wide variety of styles and designs and are an absolute essential for whichever style candle you use.

Below listed are some points that will help in choosing the right candle stand:

• The size and shape of the candle: The candle holders are designed according to the specific type of candle. Therefore the shape and the size of the candle is an important consideration before buying candle stands.

a)Taper candles: These tall candles need a candle holder to stand upright. It is usually a thin, decorative pillar with a hole carved in to the top to fit the candle.

b)T-Lights: T-lights are simple and elegant candles that can be placed anywhere. The market today is loaded with various types of T-Lights stands. Choose the one which emits the light beautifully.

c)Votive candles: Votive candles generally look like t-lights and are small in size. Votive stands will generally have cut out designs so that the light emits out in a beautiful pattern.

d)Pillar candles: Pillar candles are long candles with a base for standing. The stands are generally made with metal so that the weight and height of the candle can be balanced.

Pillar Candle Holder • Where will the candle holder be placed: Candle stands can be placed on the table, on the shelf or on the walls. It is always advisable to buy a candle stand depending on the place you wish to keep it.

• The decor of the room: One should keep the decor of the home into consideration before buying the candle stands. If the home is decorated in traditional style, go for stands that are crafted with wood, iron or brass. Same way if the house is decorated in a contemporary style, go for candle stands that are crafted with crystal or ceramic.

• What use will the candle be put to: If the candles are burnt everyday to save on electricity bills, the candle should be supported by good quality candle holders. High quality material should be used in this case so that the candles emit beautiful light and take the melting wax. If you just enjoy the fragrance of the scented candles, buy pretty candle stands that release the scent in all the directions of the room. Other options include cool candle holders made of metal, ceramic candle holders and pottery fragrance diffusers.

T-Light Holder Picking the right candle holder is very easy. Just keep the above stated points in mind and deck up your home in a bright and magnificent manner.