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Color trends for 2014

Color Trend For 2014

Every home has a distinct personality of its own. With the unique colors, furniture and home decor, each home can be easily distinguished from another in terms of its style.

Choosing the color for the home is an important step in determining the style. Let's check out the colors that are ruling the year 2014.

Colors for the living room

The living room should be appealing and have an inviting vibe. The hues that are in trend are red, mint green, grey and white. The colors should be bold, impressive and warm. White is such a color, which when mixed and matched with any other shade holds the capacity to provide an innate look. So be it teal, red or purple, it will make the room stand out.

Bring in furniture and interiors that are complementing the shades used in the bedroom.

Grey Sofa Set Colors for the master bedrooms

Bedroom is a place that should hum with calm. The colors should be soothing and comforting to relax your mind. Colors like peach, aqua, pink work beautifully for the bedroom. You can always highlight one wall of the room using a contrasting color to make your wall stand out. The shades ideal for the feature walls are teal, orange, purple, coral, blue, lemon yellow and green.

Add side tables or recliners in other shades and create a complementing look for the bedroom.

Colors for the kid's room The kid's room should be as vibrant and lively as the kids are. Bright shades like green, blue and pinks are perfect to use in the kids room. Colorful ceilings are the new in thing today. Get colorful wall decals in various colors and paste them on the walls to lend a playful ambience to the bedroom.

A featured wall looks best in the kid's room. Choose their favorite shade and give the room uplift on style. Bring in colored furniture and dress up the bed in their favorite cartoon character bed sheets in beautiful bright shades.

Grey Sofa Set Colors for the kitchen

The kitchen should look organized and neat. Shades like white, beige and grey work wonders for the kitchen. Monochromatic look also works best for the look of the kitchen. The microwave and all other kitchen essentials can be bought in the same color to give the kitchen a uniform look.

Make a note of the color trends for the year 2014 and make your home ready for the coming festive season by coloring it right.

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