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Do It Yourself Wall art

Dressing up the walls can be an easy task when you have the option to show your creativity and imagination.The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activity lets you create a wall that brings your ideas to work. It can have inspiration and ideas from a favorite color, style or a theme. So, when you are bored of your wall decor, have found some time from your busy schedule, or just want to show off your creativity, DIY will let you do all you want.

Here are some DIY ideas that you can use for decorating your walls:

1)Sequin on the frame: Choose your favorite metallic color and buy sequin for it. Bring home some shine and sparkle by framing it. Take a cloth or a handmade paper and paste sequin on it. Get it framed with the same color border as the sequin and your DIY frame is ready.

2)Frame a silk scarf: Select a pretty silk scarf that goes well with the color combination of the room and get it framed. Silk scarf frame can add color and pattern to the plain walls. It can be floral, aztec or traditionally designed.

3)Spray paint your wall: Choose a wall that looks dull. Spray paint it with beautiful shades and add life to your walls. You can either choose colors that are complementing your decor or make that wall the focal point of your room by using bold and outstanding colors.

4)Polka prints on the wall: Take handmade paper in different colors and cut out different shaped circles out of it. Paste it on one wall to give the wall a unique style and statement.

5)Quotes on the wall: Inject some character to the walls by pasting some quotes wallpaper on the wall. Be it your favorite saying, a message to your loved ones or a quote on positivity by posting it on the wall.

6)Fabric panel wall art: Makeover your space by framing pretty patterned fabric in different sizes. Choose complementing colors and differently printed cloth to create a wow effect on the road.

7)Pressed Ferns: Ferns will be widely available near your homes. Press them and then get it framed in beautiful designs. These frames are excellent to put in the living room and keep nature in front of your eyes always.

8)Photos on a string: Hang a string on the wall and bring out all your favorite pics. Put them on a string with the help of a paper pin and give a personal touch to the walls.

9)Feather as Wall Art: Collect some feathers and dip it in some bright color like golden or silver and hang it on the wall. You can use the same color string to hang as dipped.

10)Ribbon as wall art: Buy some fancy colorful ribbons and make beautiful designs out of it. Take ribbons of the same width and make beautiful patterns out of it.

We know you cannot paint your house very often. So how about letting your creativity flow and decorate the walls in your own style. Try out these DIY tips and give your walls an instant makeover.