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eco-friendly Furniture

Eco Friendly Furniture

You don't have to feel the guilt of destroying the resources of nature every time you buy furniture. You can do that in an eco-friendly manner. There are some types of eco-friendly furniture that help preserve nature by using fewer natural resources, and come in well-crafted designs so that your home looks beautiful.

Listed below are some types of eco -friendly furniture-

  • Use products crafted with engineered wood

    The furniture crafted with engineering wood is eco-friendly, since it is man made using a chemical process. It involves the usage of wood pulp, particles, fibers and veneers. Furniture crafted with engineered wood is a cheaper alternate to the solid wood furniture.
  • Engineered Wood Side Table
  • Reclaimed Material Furniture

    Reclaimed wood usually comes from old furniture, houses, or other built things that go through renovation. Some reclaimed wood even comes from logs that sink to the bottom of rivers.
  • Bamboo

    Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources that are incredibly fast-growing and versatile. Bamboo can be flattened into flooring, molded into furniture, pressed into veneers or sliced up to make window blinds. When cut, bamboo will send up new shoots to replace those lost, and it's ready to harvest in about five years, unlike many hardwoods which take 50 or more years to grow to cutting size. Patio furniture crafted with bamboo is ideal for use outdoors.
  • Recycled Metal and Plastic

    Recycled materials require less processing and fewer resources, and help support the market for recycled materials. The technological advances are making them better and better in quality. Metal, wood or plastic, all can be recycled, thus causing less harm to the nature.
  • Metal Chairs
  • Buy small and flexible furniture

    Small foldable furniture is the trend of the modern times. With more and more people buying small apartments, there is more need of smart furniture designs that serve utility but are also smart in design. Therefore the smaller, the less natural resource it uses. Go for wall mounted shelves, collapsible wardrobes and add utility to your space.
  • Opt for organic fabric for upholstered or filled pieces

    A lot many home furnishing items can be bought that are crafted with organic material. Upholstered sofas and chairs that have been covered in organic fabric and are stuffed with natural latex foam are a good option for eco-friendly furniture.
  • White Ottoman
  • Shop for Vintage

    Vintage furniture doesn't need new resources to manufacture. The value of its art increases day by day. Quality vintage furniture also has excellent resale value, which is sometimes selling for the same price it was bought. Do your bit for the earth by going for eco furniture. This one small step can save so many trees from cutting down.