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Facts about rocking chairs

Facts About Rocking Chairs

A rocking chair is a type of chair with two curved bands attached to the bottom of the leg that make the chair rock. The curved bands give the occupant the ability to rock frontwards and backwards by adjusting their weights and giving a gentle motion by the foot.

Rocking chair is that piece of furniture that lends extraordinary class and style to your home. Whether designed in a traditional style or contemporary, people love to add rocking chairs to their living room or their outdoor space. Read more.

Elmwood Here are some facts about rocking chairs:

  • Origin
    American Inventor Benjamin Franklin is said to be inventor of rocking chairs. Its invention date backs to the starting of 18th century in North America. But no historical data has been found to claim this invention.
  • Purpose
    Rocking chairs are designed in a manner that they soothe the occupant with the to and fro movement. It isn't uncommon to think of rocking chairs in connection with a mother calming a baby or cradle effect. It also releases the pain in the spine, since the movement keeps the body in the center of gravity. Rocking chairs are said to be ergonomically beneficial for health.
  • Uses
    Rocking chairs were previously designed for the garden and patio areas of the house. People love to sit on their rocking chairs while reading or sipping their morning or evening tea. Rocking chairs have now become an indispensible part of the living room furniture and every household you see will have one of it.
  • Designs
    The market is loaded with rocking chairs in various designs. There is one to fit for all households. So, buy it according to the decor of your household.

Now, that you know some facts about rocking chairs, how about adding one? Introduce style and comfort by adding rocking chair to your interiors. It can also be used as accent furniture, as it will complement your room's decor and besides providing functionality, also revamps the decor.