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Guide for Couches

Guide for Couches

Most of us think that sofa and couch is one and the same thing. But it is a fact that they are quite different from each other. Sofas are generally more formal in their look and appeal while couches are considered a place to relax and sleep.


The word "couch" comes from the French word “Couche” and is used to describe furniture without arms and that is meant for lying down. They were used by ladies who wore tight fitting dresses for resting.


  • A couch generally features one or no arms
  • Has a tapered back
  • It may also feature back cushions.

Though it serves as an option for sitting and relaxing, it is mainly meant for lying down in comfort.

Sofa Size

A couch can accommodate two or three people and can be seen as an extension of the love seat. It does not have a bulky appearance and makes for a comfortable relaxing option.


In most of the cases, couches are used by people for informal scenarios, for instance, sitting and talking with friends, having fun, listening to music, playing board games, and more. Couches are a perfect addition for a family room as they are designed to represent comfort.

Sofa Frame Material

Generally the frame is crafted out of wood, but with modern designs and styles, couches can also be crafted out of metal, stainless steel and particle board.

Difference between Sofa and Couch

Sofa is more formal and come in a wide variety of styles and designs. It makes the drawing room an inviting place for guests. Couch may sometimes come as a part of the large sofa set. Couch is more of an informal seating option. It can be a perfect addition to the living room.

Sofas may or may not have arms and reclining back. Sofas are sometimes designed to form a bed, while couches offer no such utility.

Bring a couch for your personal space and make a comfortable corner for yourself at your home. Choose from the many option available in the market.