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How to buy bedside tables

Guide To Buy Bedside Tables

A small table to hold medicines, jewelry, books, table lamps, remote, water bottle which is placed near the bedside for easy approach to things is known as the bedside table. It generally matches the bed design and look and keeps the things on the bedside organized.

A side table would ideally be of the same height or slightly shorter than the bed. It can either be a simple design or may contain shelves and drawers to organize stuff. Sometimes bedside table can also be used as accent furniture for the room. The table can also be made the focal point of the room.

Side tables with drawers Choose From The Different Styles of Bedside Tables:

  • Antique-style tables: With lot of engraved designs and carvings, antique tables look pretty when placed on the bedsides.
  • Art Nouveau bedside tables: This style of table is rich in ornate curves and swirls and features carved designs.
  • Contemporary tables: With straight lines and minimalistic design, contemporary or modern tables just add class to any decor.
  • Handcrafted Tables: Crafted in unique designs, handcrafted tables give an aesthetic appeal to the room.

    These tables can also serve as versatile furniture. It can be used to store things that are important in the bedroom. The things that are generally placed in the table are mobile phones, alarm clock, water bottles, books and other essentials.

Functions of the bedside tables

A bedside table can come in a wide variety of shapes

  • It can be a simple design rectangular stool shaped table used to keep clocks, phone, photo frames etc.
  • If books can always be found in your bedside, how about including a bookshelf to your rescue.
  • Side tables with drawers
  • If your bedroom has a space crisis, tables with drawers will be the perfect option.
  • The bedroom if small in size and lacks floor space, use tall bookshelves instead of a bedside table. It will give you extra storage space and create a fun place to display all your favorite items.

Whatever the design be, make sure the table complements the existing furniture of the bedroom and looks visually appealing.