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how to buy chandelier

Chandeliers in the foyer play the biggest role in transforming the interiors from the exteriors. They make for a grand yet warm entrance if fixed right and with appropriate lighting. As attractive as they are, chandeliers can even let you down if not chosen wisely. For making a proper decision, one must consider all of the following aspects:


Yes, you need a chandelier but where exactly would you fix it?

The most popular and also a favorite choice is the hallway or the foyer. They set the first impression of your home and state a high class.

The next common place is the dining table. If your dining table is not too far from the foyer, you must select only one place for a chandelier to avoid the unnecessary bling.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are gaining popularity due to the conception of mini chandeliers. They are exactly like chandeliers, just smaller in size.

Chandeliers Height and Size

There are some thumb rules to be followed in order to get the best results, and they are:

For each foot of space, the chandelier should have 3 inches of height, at the same time ensuring that it is at least 7 feet above the ground. This calculation assures that it doesn’t look too small or too huge for a place.

For double story ceilings, it must be fixed even higher to bring a fuller appearance.

For dining tables, it must not hang lower than 30 inches from the table top. To be on the safer side, you can leave 3 extra inches.

The size for a dining table chandelier should be 12 inches less than the table width. This will help you choose the perfect one each time.


After your personal preference, the décor theme must be giving due consideration. Here are some nice styles to choose from:

• Crystal: These date back to the 18th century and are undoubtedly the most glamorous of all the types. They are made of glass or crystals that reflect colorful light.

• Drum: They look like lamp shades and emit focused light. They can be easily installed and replaced as per your changing tastes.

• Candle: They are one of the most ancient forms that used wax candles as the source of light. The modern ones have faux candles for practicality without compromising on the charm.

Chandeliers • Beaded or Shell: They appear the same as crystal chandeliers but are much lighter in weight and cheaper in price.

• Antler: As the name suggests, they are made of deer, elk or moose antlers and are popular in tropical regions. For rustic homes in modern neighborhood, these designs are replicated using wood.

Chandeliers • Mini: Perfect for spaces with lesser height, these work the same magic like the big chandeliers. Now that you know all the important tidbits, there is one more crucial point worth highlighting. The light emitted by a chandelier must not be too bright to overpower the entire ambience of the place. If the light is direct, then it should be slightly dim. The best way is to install a dimmer on the wall to control the effect as per the mood.