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How to buy recliner

Guide To Buy Recliner

A recliner is an armchair or sofa that reclines when the occupant lowers the chair's back and raises its front. It features a backrest that can be tilted back, and often a footrest that may be extended with the help of a lever on the side of the chair, or may extend automatically when the back is reclined.

Every household now wants to own one or more of these super comfortable chairs. With an advantage of adding style, they also give a relaxing corner to the home. Recliners are available in a wide variety of range and designs. Elmwood

You can choose from any of the following recliner designs:

  • 1. Push Back Recliners: As the name suggests, these recliners have an adjustable back that can be pushed back for maximum comfort. The push back recliners are perfect for elderly people who can sit comfortably while they read or have their coffee. The only part that reclines in these chairs is the back so using a foot stool is the best way to find comfort for legs.
  • 2. Two-position recliner: This type of recliner has two positions- upright and reclining. When using in the reclining position the footrest should be released out for maximum comfort. When using in an upright position, the recliner serves just like any other chair. Elmwood
  • 3. Rocker Recliner: The rocker recliner also called wall saver recliner is widely preferred by people. It allows the user to sit in a number of positions depending on reclining angles. It is perfect for small spaces.

Choose the right fit and material:

Fit: The recliner should be of a size that it accommodates people of all heights.
The seat width should be such that it fits people of all sizes. The seat depth should also be considered before buying recliner. The seat should be such that you can easily sink in to your comfort zone. Find a nice seat depth and width that will provide ample room and comfort.

Material: Recliners can be crafted with a large number of material - leather and micro fiber or fabric. Choose the material according to the decor. If your home exhibits a modern decor, you can always go for leather recliner and vinyl crafted recliner. If you have a traditional inspired decor, go for upholstered recliner in soft and subtle colors. To know the difference between Traditional vs. Contemporary furniture, click here.