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How to buy a sofa cum bed

Sofa Cum Bed Guide

Sofa cum bed is the most versatile living room furniture. It serves as a place to sit during the day time and can be transformed to a bed in the night. It lets you modify your living room into a bedroom instantly when there are guests at home.

Buying a sofa cum bed is like making an investment worthwhile. So when you shop for a sofa cum bed there are a lot many things that need to be considered.

Here are some points to be considered before buying a sofa cum bed.

  • 1.Space Available: The most important thing to be considered before buying a sofa cum bed is the space that is available in the room. When planning to buy the sofa cum bed, make sure you assume double space for it since it will require space when pulled out to make a bed.
  • Futon with mattress
  • 2.Style: Sofa cum bedis available in a wide variety of styles and designs. The designs can range from being a pull out bed, futon or a fold down sofa bed.

    The design should be carefully chosen keeping the space and existing furniture in mind. If you have guests coming in often and you require additional sleeping area, it would be best to settle down for a pull out sofa cum bed since it makes for a comfortable bed once it is pulled out. If you already have enough sleeping area at your home, why not add stylish futon or fold down sofa.It adjusts the back of the sofa to lie horizontally alongside the seat of the sofa, creating a flatbed surface.
  • Wood Slider bed
  • 3.Location: It is of prime importance to see where the furniture will be placed. If it is to be placed in the living room, you will need to buy one with a fancy design. You can also choose a nice leather sleeper sofa or an upholstered sofa bed to match your decor. For the game room, a more casual microfiber sofa cum bed will work.
  • 4.Budget: One important thing to be considered while buying a futon or a sofa cum bed is the budget allotted to it. Set out a budget to it and stick to it. Sofa cum beds can be crafted with wood- solid wood, engineered wood or metal. The wood frame can be costlier than the metal frame. So decide on it keeping the budget in mind. Make sure you do budget friendly furniture shopping.

Bring home this multipurpose furniture and transform your living room into a bedroom whenever required.