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How to clean an ottoman

Ottoman is generally padded or upholstered bench that is used as a place for keeping foot while resting. Many ottomans come with a space for storage. It doesn't have a back or arms and are sold along with armchairs.

Since it is used to rest the feet, it may get withered by dirt of the shoe soles. Therefore it requires deep cleaning occasionally.

Here are some tips that will help in cleaning the ottoman

  • Remove the cover: If your ottoman has a covering, remove the cover and wash it. Read the washing instructions before washing the cover.
  • Green polyster ottoman
  • Dust the ottoman: Dust the ottoman with a brush or a vacuum cleaner and get rid of all the dust that has accumulated. Make sure you clean the foot of the furniture.
  • Vacuum cleaning the furniture thoroughly: There will be lot of dust under the ottoman. Proper vacuum cleaning should be done even on the sides and beneath the ottoman.
  • Choose the cleaner according to the fabric of the ottoman: The ottoman can be crafted with many fabrics.If you have a cloth-upholstered ottoman, use carpet shampoo to clean it. You can also use a mild detergent as long as it's bleach-free. Use 1/4 cup of detergent and some warm water to make the cleaning solution. If you have a leather ottoman, there are cleaners and solutions made specifically for leather furniture.
  • Dry the ottoman: After washing the ottoman, let the ottoman dry in natural surroundings. The fabricated ottoman may develop fungus if kept wet inside the house.
  • Wax condition the ottoman regularly: If the ottoman is leather upholstered, you should condition it with wax cleaner. Waxing will rid the leather of small scratches that naturally occur over time.
  • Leather Ottoman

Simply follow the above tips to clean your ottoman and keep it clean and dust free. Grace your home with beautiful pieces of furniture and maintain them to keep your home inviting and picturesque.

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