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How to decorate your vanity

Give a fabulous twist to your functional dressing area vanity and let it flaunt fashion with some elegant and inspiring decor options. Though those little trinkets, pretty cosmetics, hair brushes look appealing but one can beautify the whole set-up further. From classy table tops, stunning cabinets, jewelry stands to storage boxes, decorative vases and cushy seats, there's a wide assortment of products that'll aid you in imparting a rich and elegant look to your dressing area.

Take a sneak-peek:

1.Cabinets for smart organization: Drawers not only save space but act as smart dividers to store your necessities in a systematized way. It also makes your task easy while you prepare to deck yourself with cosmetics and adornments.

Dresser 2.Trays for stylish placements: Not all things are meant to be stored inside the boxes, your stylish hair brushes, cologne, sprays, oils can extravagantly be placed on the stylishly decorated trays for a revered look.

3.Cushy seat and vintage table for lovely set-up: The seat on which you will sit for your makeover session and the table on which all your stuff will be elaborately displayed should be equally charming and ecstatic.

4.Crystal vase for classy appeal: Add a rich appeal to the vanity area by adorning one of its corners with crystal vase and colorful flowers. This is sure to complement with the other accessories that spruce up the look of the most essential section of your home.

Crystal Vase 5.Aromatic candles and oil diffuser sticks for fresh aroma: Give a fresh appeal to the stylish corner with scented candles and oil diffuser sticks of different flavors.

6.Natural light for clearer view: It is quite essential that the vanity table should be placed in the direction where natural light can travel in so that you can see a clearer you all the while.

7.Designer mirror for the rich effect: Dressing area is non-existent without a mirror but your choice of mirror should reflect oodles of style. Vintage, framed or carved; you have an infinite variety open for you to add that modern touch.

8.Lamp for the dramatic appeal: A table lamp with wonderful lamp shades will add an intense look to the fashionable corner and give it an attractive appeal.

Lamp flower vase Don't let go your spare time by just planning. It's the time to execute and give a stylish makeover to your dressing area.