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Makeover ideas for the Bedroom

Make Over Ideas For The Bedroom

If you are bored of the same decor of the bedroom or have started to find your bed uncomfortable,the time has come to change the look of your bedroom. The bedroom is your gateway to your dreamland and should be a calm, serene and comfortable place so that you can sleep in peace.Choose a theme and set your interiors according to that theme. Give your room a personality of its own by opting for colors, décor and furniture that perfectly reflect your own style.

Here are some ideas that can spruce up the look of your bedroom:

  • 1.Bed Designs: If you think your bed looks boring, try getting a new bed. If you think that is not a feasible option, get new headboards and footboards made for the bed. You can add new side tables to the room to give a new look to the room.
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  • 2.Window treatments: Give a new look to your room by dressing up windows in rich fabric and different colors. Heavy, floor-to ceiling curtains with layers and tie backs will give your room the appearance of a lavish suite. If you have small windows, you can visually expand them by extending your window treatments beyond the actual window frames to give a rich look.
  • 3.Make a relaxing corner in your bedroom: Bring in a comfortable recliner or a chaise lounge so that you can sit and relax on it. Put a side table for a table lamp or a cup of coffee. Add it in some unusual color and make it a secluded corner of your bedroom.
  • 4.Bedding: The bed is, of course, the featured element of the bedroom. Changing the mattress can give you a comfortable sleep. Get in some new bed sheet set and include cushions and throw pillows. Include some bright colored cushions covers in contrasting and complementing shades.
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  • 5.Decorate your room with accessories: It is of prime importance that you clean your room of all the things that are not really required. Bring in beautiful things like baskets and boxes that will help you in keeping things organized. You can add mirrors to make your room look larger and beautiful. Include new posters and paintings according to the home décor and give your bedroom a new look.

    You can always give a new look to your bedroom by option for one or all the above mentioned tips.