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Tips on Decorating With Baskets

Baskets are the most utilized form of storage in every house. Whether hidden in a closet or displayed in the living room, each house has at least a pair or two. With baskets, you can store and style your home at the same time. It is the cheapest yet trendiest of all decorating props. Scroll down to learn some easy-peasy decor tricks using baskets!


The topmost shelf of every kitchen is almost unreachable. The wise way to utilize this space is by stacking it with big baskets that can hide away the seldom used materials.

Opt for layered baskets for the kitchen slab or the dining table to hold the veggies and fruits stylishly.

home republic Living room

The coffee table can be made to organize and beautified by stacking coasters, magazines, etc. in coordinating baskets underneath.

Replacing a side table with a big baskets to stack the additional cushions or magazines bring about texture and depth in a place.


The extra pillows, sheets and quilts can be tucked inside pretty baskets and placed either under the bed or out in the open, in a corner.

A miniature basket on the bedside can keep your earphones, mobile or any other small essentials in utmost style.


Baskets are your saviors to hide away the extra utilities,like towels, while empowering an awe-inspiring decor.

A laundry basket is another great addition to any bathroom. You can choose to have a lid or not, it will add its charm anyway!

home republic Hallway

If you have a console table, then stacking two big baskets under it or a pretty fruit basket over it can get you tons of praises.

An empty wall decked up with hanging colorful baskets serve as an instant glamour quotient for the entryway.


Every room has a storage rack, be it kitchen or your bedroom or even your balcony. These storage racks can be further organized by segmenting different sections with small and big baskets. They add a beautiful texture to any space leaving no need for further embellishments.