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Top 10 eco-friendly decor ideas

Make your home look picture perfect by going green this season! Invest in buying some environment friendly products and beautify your space in a natural way. Do your bit not only to save the earth but also save money, time or both.

Here are a few eco- friendly options that will prettify your space in a magnificent way:

1)Natural Plants: Using natural plants as a decor item tops the list for eco-friendly home decor. Not only is it beautiful to look at but will also keep you healthy and fresh. It is a cost effective method of decorating your houses. The beautiful flowers in many colors and grass are sure to make your mood happy every time you pass it.

2)Candles instead of lights: If you love the glaze and spark of a candle, switch to natural way of lighting. During the day time let air and light come naturally and in the evening's save electricity by opting for candles.

Candles 3)Bamboo furniture: Opting for bamboo furniture is moving one step further to going green. Bamboo furniture and decor items look attractive, are lightweight. It's also eco-friendly, as the plants are fast-growing and plentiful.

4)Jute decor: Just like bamboo, jute is also eco-friendly and looks pretty however crafted. Jute can be crafted into pretty decor items, furniture, bags and show pieces.

5)MDF Furniture: Give wood a miss and rely on MDF furniture for furnishing your home. Crafted in beautiful designs and pleasing colors, MDF furniture is the furniture of today. It is light in weight and a cheaper alternate to solid wood furniture.

6)Cotton linens: Be it bed, table or the bath linens, using cotton linens would be an eco-friendly option. Cotton is comfortable and light and is perfect to use in any season of the year.

Candles 7)Energy efficient lighting option: It's time to upgrade your lighting option too. Opt for CFL and LED lights that consume less power and make your home a brighter place.

8)Window treatments: Let natural light come to the rooms so that you can feel fresh and lively. Go for window treatments that allow more sunlight in the rooms allowing a cut in the cost of lighting bills. Buy light colored curtains so that the room appears light and bright always.

9)Store nature's beauty: Nature is indeed beautiful and we can add that beauty by storing it for ourselves. Collect sea-shells, pine cones, stones, corals and put them on the shelves or a tray for display.

10)Using recycled products: Recycled products are a great option to uplift the look of the house. Paper, wood, plastic, metal and many other products can be recycled and transformed into something nice and unique.

You can always deck up your home keeping nature on your side. Opt for one or all the options and contribute in saving the environment.