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Top furniture buying mistakes

Furniture Buying Mistakes

Buying furniture for the house or office is a big task. When you spend so much of time and money in buying furniture, you certainly want everything to fall into place. Sometimes,chances are that the furniture you just bought did not fit in or you made a wrong decision in buying the color.

Based on the experience of customers, here are few common mistakes that one may commit when buying furniture.

  • 1. Forgetting to measure your room - Most people go to buy furniture with a rough idea on their mind. They do not have the exact measurements of the space that they want to be covered with the furniture. Even if you have a big room, never forget to take out a measure tape and calculate the area particular furniture is going to cover.

    Always consider the space available at the staircase, doors, hallways and lifts also, so that the furniture can be easily moved in and out of the house.If buying online, call the customer care team and double check the measurements provided on the website.
  • 2. Not allotting a budget to furniture buying - Furniture as everybody knows can start at a very cheap rate and go on till a few crore, depending on the quality of material used. So don’t just get simply swayed away by the offering of the store and stick to your budget. Look out for best season for discounts and offers if planning to buy online.Prioritizing what you want to buy within the allocated budget is also important. Buy what you want in priority and then start making a budget for what you would want next.
  • 3. Buying all you see - It is not always necessary to buy all that you see in the store. The stores have ample space for display and will always induce the customer to buy more and more. Never overbuy furniture even if you think you can easily fit that set of matching chairs or a small coffee table in your room.
  • 4. Match the colors - It is very essential to take the color of the other furniture and the interiors into consideration before adding any piece. Don’t just pick up any furniture just because it looks beautiful as displayed in the store or offered in discounts online.
  • 5. Checking the furniture properly - When buying from the store, make sure you check the furniture personally and then get it packed to be delivered at your place. If buying online, take a note of the returns and replacement policy of the online store.
  • 6. Not taking into account the user of the furniture - Buyers are generally so carried away with the designs and colors of the furniture that they tend to forget who the users will be. Buying light colored upholstered furniture can be a disaster for households that have pets and small children. Always take a wise decision and decide colors beforehand.
  • 7. Not taking scale into consideration - A dining table that looks just perfect in the store can appear so big in your room. It is hard to judge the scale when seeing it in a showroom or buying online. It is important to measure so that your new piece can match the scale of the furniture you already own.

Try avoiding these common mistakes and make your furniture buying a delightful and happy experience. Whether buying online or offline, make a checklist before purchasing any piece and bring home the best one.