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Various Bathroom Mirror Styles

Various Bathroom Mirror Styles/

If given the choice of a bathroom with mirror and one without a mirror, we're sure you would always pick the former. Won't you? Well, if it is that important then why not pick the one that's just right and goes well with your bathroom design! It's not just about the shape and the size but also about the usage. Depending on these, there are basically the following types of bathroom mirrors one can choose from:

  • Framed Mirrors - It is a plain mirror with a prominent fame hung or fixed on the wall. One can select the frame style to be contemporary or classic or even Victorian depending upon the design of the bathroom.
  • Framed Bathroom Mirror
  • Frameless Mirrors - This is just like the above but without a frame. It is for those who prefer a neat and no fuss look. The best part about this style that goes with any bathroom style, even the extreme ones.
  • Cabinet Mirrors - One of the most commonly used, this mirror has a storage box behind to store your toothbrush, medicines, etc. To access this storage section there may be a small door handle, a push feature or a sliding mirror door. This type falls in the favorite category of those with less or no storage option in their bathrooms.
  • Pivot Mirrors - A flexible mirror that is fixed with the help of two hinged pivots is another style to consider. It can be moved up and down or left and right depending on the pivots. They suit the classic style of bathrooms more than any other.
  • LED Mirrors - Very modern and very convenient, these are the newest in the line. As the name suggests, these have LED lights on the outer frame to give a luminous look. The lights are very focused to help apply makeup. One can choose white or yellow lights as per their preference.
  • Venetian Mirrors - A luxury to look at, these mirrors have carved edges and ornate frames to give a grand appeal. This goes back to 16th century and is still a choice for many.
  • Venetian Mirrors
  • Vanity Mirrors - These are to be kept on the countertop and have usually a magnifying mirror for easy makeup application. It is small in size and is not the main mirror of a bathroom.
  • Extendable Mirrors - This is the best option for bathrooms with a space crunch. These have an extendable handle which takes less space but gives more flexibility.

    So now that you have a good idea of the different types available, you can make the right decision which also compliments your bathroom interiors. You may choose the simple ones or the decorative mirrors to add a little drama to your bathing experience.