CashCare FAQs


1. What is CashCare?

CashCare is India’s first simple and secure lending platform for e-commerce purchases. With CashCare, you are able to buy from our e-commerce partners and pay for your purchases over 6 month EMIs. Our financing option is available for all debit, credit and net banking customers. You can find out about your eligibility within 2-5 minutes.

2. How do I use CashCare?

CashCare offers simple, fast and happy financing for your online purchases on e-commerce websites in just a few clicks:
(a) Add items you wish to purchase to your merchant’s shopping cart and select CashCare’s Interest Free EMI payment option on the checkout page
(b) Click on ‘Apply Now’
(c) Link your Facebook account to CashCare and provide us with information such as your date of birth, billing address, PAN card number, employer name, and salary
(d) Submit the form and get your approval in 2-5 mins
(e) Once your loan is approved, a CashCare representative will visit your billing address to complete documentation process including, collecting RBI mandated KYC, getting loan agreement signed and received repayment documents. After verification of KYC, your loan will be disbursed to the merchant within 24 hrs

3. Where can I use CashCare?

CashCare is currently in beta and available at FabFurnish ( Stay tuned, we will adding more web portals soon.

4. What is required to have a CashCare account?

CashCare offers financing for e-commerce purchases if you are:
(a) Are Indian citizen
(b) Are 18 years of age or older
(c) Have a valid Indian mailing address
(d) Have a valid Indian mobile number that can receive SMS messages
(e) Have an active Facebook account
(f) Provide us with your name, email, access to your Facebook account, birth date, PAN card number, name of your employer and proof of your employment and salary.

5. Does CashCare access my CIBIL score?

On behalf of the financing partner, CashCare does a credit check with CIBIL to verify your identity and access your CIBIL score. This may have a minor impact on your CIBIL credit score. For future purchases with CashCare, we won’t need to check your CIBIL score.

6. Is CashCare a financial institution?

No. CashCare is a technology company that facilitates easy customer experience for its financing partners. CashCare assists its financing partners with streamlining processes, creating credit scoring models and customer experience. Creating a happy borrowing experience for its customers.

7. Are there any fees?

CashCare collects processing fees for facilitating the valued added financing option.

8. Are there any interest charges?

An interest charged by the Financing Partner will clearing communicated as part of the application process. We always clearly state the processing fee and interest charges in Indian rupees and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) so that you can know exactly what you are paying for. We never charge any compounding interest and there are no hidden fees.

In the current offer, you pay NO Interest Charge as the interest charges have been covered by the e-commerce partner.


1. What is CashCare’s Interest Free EMI offer?

CashCare, via its financial partner, is offering an Interest Free EMI offer on purchases on You will pay NO Interest Charge as the e-com partner will be paying for these charges. You will be able to finance your purchase by paying only +10% upfront. You will be paying the remaining amount in 6 equal month instalments. You will only have to pay processing fees of Rs. 450. Happy Shopping!

2. Who is eligible?

To be elibigle, the following must apply to you:
- you have to be a salaried professional
- You must have a valid CIBIL score, which would have taken a loan in the past OR have a credit card
- Your order value must be between Rs. 25k-Rs. 1 lac
- Offer is only available for Mumbai customers
- Order must be in name of same person who is availing financing

We continue to work hard to expand our lending parameters and financial institutions. If you are not a salaried consumer, don’t be disappointed. We will be serving you very soon.

3. How long does it take to an approval?

We have built the easiest form for our customers. You will learn about your eligibility within 2-5 mins.

4. What happens after I am approved for CashCare financing for my e-commerce purchase?

After online approval of financing from CashCare, there are two more steps:

Step 1: Initial Payment

Our financing offer requires all customers to make an upfront payment (down-payment + processing fees). You will only end-up paying +10% of the purchase amount upfront.

Step 2: Documentation Process

After receiving the initial payment, our representative will visit you at your billing address and collect:
(a) Last 6 months bank statement,
(b) Last 3 months pay slip
(c) Cancelled cheque
(d) Copy of PAN card and
(e) Proof of address. You will also need to sign a loan agreement and provide us with ECS agreement (or PDCs) to authorize us to automatically deduct your EMIs from your bank account. Exact list of the documents will be shared with you at the time of the confirmation.

5. Can my application get declined? What do I do in that case?

CashCare may not be able to serve you for the following reason: (a) if we are unable to verify information provided by you or (b) if your profile does not match the requirement of our financing partner. CashCare is currently working with a limited set of financial institutions and, apologize, if we were unable to serve you at this time. We will inform you as we on board more financing partners.

In the event that your loan application is not accepted, you would need to place a fresh order with a different payment type. We will cancel the current order for which the loan request is placed.

6. Why is document collection process required?

RBI mandates financial institutions to collect KYC documents before giving out a loan to a customer. In the future, we are planning to migrate to electronic KYC to eliminate physical collection of documents. Further, we will be collecting the repayment documents from you to make the process convenient for you.

7. Can my application get declined after making the initial payment?

There is a small chance that your application would be declined after making the initial payment. This would only happen if we see any discrepancies during the documentation verification process. In such cases, we will refund you the complete down-payment amount within 24 hours. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to refund you the processing fees.

8. How do I know the status of my application?

Once the application is processed, we will inform you about the approval/rejection of your application.

9. Am I eligible for multiple loans?

You are eligible for only one loan at a time. You can apply for a second loan once all instalments on the first loan are repaid.

10. Can I cancel my purchase?

At this point, cancellation of order is not possible. Please contact the e-commerce merchant if you’d like cancel your order. We will work with the e-commerce merchant to resolve the issue.

11. How do I dispute a purchase on my CashCare account?

If you’d like to dispute a purchase on your CashCare account, please contact us at or call us @ +91 9769806202


1. Do I sign a loan agreement?

You will be signing a loan agreement directly with the financing partner at the time of the documentation process.

2. How do I pay the EMIs?

At time of the documentation process, we will be setting up an auto debit system to repay your EMIs. EMIs would be directly sent to the financing partners’ bank account. We will require you to sign an ECS authorization or provide post-dated cheques to enable us to automatically debit your EMIs.

3. What happens if I miss my EMI payment?

You would only miss your EMI if you have insufficient funds in your bank account. Delay in payments would be reported to CIBIL and will have financial charges. These charges will be clearly indicated as part of the loan contract with the financing partner.

4. What would be my repayment schedule?

We will clearly share your repayment schedule with you. We will also be sending timely reminders so that you can ensure your account is well funding before payment date.


1. How do I close my account?

If you wish to close your CashCare account, please contact us by sending us an email at Please note that your account cannot be closed until any outstanding balance has been paid in full.

2. What is your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

You can find our Terms of Service at and Privacy Policy at